Top 5 Reasons to Have Your Domain Name Registration Done

We are living in an age, where start-up businesses think about having a website in place even before they have a proper office. After all, why wouldn’t they? Having an online presence has become a norm, not just for businesses, but even for individuals.

The world has become a small place with most of us being closely connected to the online world. And having a personal or a professional website is one of the better ways to enhance your online identity. One of the first steps towards building your online presence is through domain name registration.

In the physical world, people have to search your name (or even your business name) and contact you through the stored contacts in their phones or phone books. Similarly, a website domain name acts as the unique identifier for your personal profile, brand, or business, in the internet world. But, is it really essential to register a domain name for your website?

Let’s look at top 5 reasons to have your domain registration done:

1. Ensures Long-Term Memory

As pointed out earlier, a domain name that eventually becomes your website URL is the ideal way for people to locate you in the online world. The reason behind you having a website is so that people come to know about your business, brand, products, services, or the professional activities that you are involved with. But, how will people arrive at your website?

This is where having a domain name plays a key role. You can have it printed on your visiting card or promote the domain name URL on social media so that people can quickly visit your website. Registering a relevant domain name for yourself or your business can help people remember your website for a long time and create significant credibility for your business.

Most importantly, a registered domain name is identified by search engines like Google and stored in their memory. A good domain name with relevant keywords and domain extension can help your quality website content to be easily searchable by your audience on Google.
For example, say your business is focused on selling fit bands, and you book a domain name like Such a domain name gives you a great chance of coming up in online search results and helps people to find your brand.

2. Remains Constant Even After Change in Location

While the domain name is just your identity on the web, your web hosting server determines the location for your website. In simple terms, web hosting is where all your website files are stored. So, to have a fully functional website, you not only need to buy a domain but also need to buy hosting.

Regardless of your web hosting provider, you may come across a situation when you feel the need to move to a different web host. A registered domain name ensures that your website visitors are not impacted even with a complete change of the physical location of your website files.

For them, the site will still be at the same place, saving you the hassle of informing all of them about a change of location. Nothing changes for your target audience – they simply type your domain name or click on it from search engine results, and they are taken directly to your site’s new location.

3. Provides Better Email Addresses

Whether you are a business or a working professional (who keeps applying for jobs to various companies), a common email id with Gmail or Yahoo or Rediffmail, does not seem professional enough. You need to send online messages from business email addresses that establish your personal brand or business brand. It is here that registration of one or more appropriate domain names helps as you get the ability to have multiple email addresses of your choice (from the domain registrar).

On the personal front, you can opt for a domain name which allows you to have an email id like [email protected] Here, you can improvise with the part that appears before ‘@’. From a business perspective, your domain name could represent a brand, product, or your business name itself. And having an email id that ends with your business identity (after ‘@’) creates a recall value in the minds of your customers (or potential customers).

4. Ensures You Get Your Preferred Domain Name

Say, you plan to have a start-up or a blog sometime after a year’s time and have even thought about a good domain name that you would use for the corresponding website. If you postpone the buying of your domain after a year, there are good chances of you not getting your desired domain name.The reason is thousands of domain names get booked on a daily basis, and their availability is decreasing rapidly.

Before you even know, your favorite domain name may no longer be available with any of the domain registrars. Most people buy domain names for a year (or sometimes for more number of years). And even if you wish to wait for your domain name to be released by someone holding it, there is a good chance that the concerned person may never release your domain name.

Hence, the best time to register your domain name is NOW – especially when you have done the hard work of conducting a comprehensive domain name search.

5. Provides Multiple Sub-domains

Once you complete a domain name registration, you are entitled to use as many sub-domains as you wish to. For example, against a domain name like ‘’, you can have multiple sub-domain names like ‘’, ‘’, and so on. Each of these sub-domains can be a unique web page (landing page) that you can use to add more content and do relevant online promotion for your website.

These help you to improve search engine rankings for your site and also for domain forwarding to various websites.

We have seen quite a few reasons for having your domain name registration done on an immediate basis. Your domain name availability might be limited if you want to register a popular domain extension such as .com, .net or .in, so, it makes sense to have it booked instantly once you have decided to have a website against it. But if you still are not able to get your desired domain then you can rely on the hundreds of new gTLDs that have now been launched such as .xyz, .site and .cab

Hope the details shared above helps you to make an informed decision with regards to buying a domain name for your website. Feel free to share your queries or experience in the comments section below.

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