Your Business Needs to Be on Google+

Google+: it’s not just for Silicon Valley tech weenies and clueless dads anymore.

By 2016, Google+ is projected to surpass Facebook in social sharing. Sound impossible?

Remember, Google+ has one very serious advantage: its big bro Google.

1. Google integration. You’ll see lil’ bro Google+ pop up in search results. Try sharing your biz updates on Google+, then watch as you catapult up the search ranks.

2. Ripple effects. You can see everyone who has shared or commented on your Google+ posts in a rad interactive graphic, plus stats on how the link was shared.

3. Better search. When someone Googles your business, the right-hand side of their screen will fill with a map pinpointing your business address, website, logo and a live feed of recent posts on your Google+ page.