4 Free (and Legal) Ways to Get Amazing Photos

Legit fears: spiders, heights, Michael Jackson coming back from the dead to collaborate with Justin Bieber.

That’s plenty, you don’t want to also worry about getting sued for using an illegal photo on your site.

Get 100% dazzling, free and legal (no jail for you) photos here:

•   Wikimedia Commons: a gold mine for photos of famous places, well-known events, or current news-related pics.

•   Flickr’s Creative Commons: a solid source for photos that creatively depict otherwise, well, common scenes.

•   Freeimages: the largest free stock photo library on the web. It’s got nearly 400,000 images, most of which don’t require attribution and are available for commercial use.

•   Pixabay: with over 450,000 free photos, vectors and art illustrations, this place is as good as a goldmine.