Focus on Personalization to Improve Conversions

Marketing is no longer sending out mass messages to your customer base about offers or the new product you’ve just launched. It’s more than just that. It’s important to take into account what the customer needs and focus your communication basis that. Let me throw some numbers for context:
  • Over 70% Customers said they prefer brands that customize messages to suit their needs
  • Over 60% prefer seeing offers based on their preferences
These data points amply convey the importance of targeted communication in your marketing efforts. Allow me to explain this with an example:
Imagine visiting Flipkart and looking for memory cards for your phone. You look around, try different sites and options. After searching for a while you return to Flipkart, and you see the same card at a 20% discount. You pick it up and notice those awesome portable speakers have a great deal going on so you decide to splurge and go for those too.
That my friends, is the power of personalization. It can make a huge impact to your conversion rates and take revenues to another level. But all that’s fine and great, how do you go about doing this you ask, well then hold on tight we’re about unleash a world of info right now:
Start with Segmentation: This should be easy, create segments of users basis their location, gender, purchase history and more such good stuff. The way you can use all this good data in the most amazing ways to create a truly unique experience for your customers. For instance; you can show raincoats to customers based from regions where it’s raining vs sunglasses or summer wear.
Track Customer Journeys: This is where the fun begins, you could literally blow the socks off your customer with showing them exactly what they need or might be interested in, basis their past journeys. You need to start from scratch for this:
1. What was the keyword/link that brought the customer to your site
2. Track clicks and searches on your own site
3. Track the products that were viewed
4. What pages the visitor browsed ?
5. Did he/she add something to cart or wishlist?
Once you know the customer journey, its time to start personalizing their future experience.
It’s time to get Personal: From here on you get to really personalize things. Take for instance a customer who’s abandoned cart, throw a great offer to them back. Using Analytics you can identify customer behavior in terms of who’s hovered over a CTA, these customers may perhaps need more convincing. Communication with helpful information or other customer reviews might do the trick. Catch the visitor using whatever medium you can, image ads, site messages, emails etc, you have great options to choose from.
We understand this may not be for all but if this is something you can implement then we totally recommend you give it a go. If you have any experience or feedback, do share it with us and other readers in the comment section below.