Things You Didn’t Know About WordPress

Do you know how to choose a theme, change your font, and publish posts?

Congratulations, you’re already a WordPress master. But did you know there are a few lesser known tips that can make you feel like a blogger king? We’re about to share those tips with you right now, so buckle up.

1. Schedule posts. There’s a simple way to schedule your entries that doesn’t involve being chained to your desk. Under the Publish module, click the Edit link to adjust the exact day and time you want the article to go live.

2. Manage multiple sites. Because it’s hard enough to remember one username and password, WordPress’ multisite network lets you toggle between several sites under one admin panel. It’s especially useful for sites that borrow content from each other.

3. Sell stuff. If you’re selling a product, you’ll want to know about a free plugin calledWooCommerce, which transforms your site into an ecommerce store. It’s free, and you can sell anything via PayPal, customize shipping, distribute coupons, and get profit reports.