5 Quick Tips to Improve Your Business Writing Skills

You might not consider yourself a Chetan Bhagat or Dan Brown, but with all those blog posts, websites, calls to action, and social media updates, you’re writing a lot.

Direct, snappy, clear-eyed prose transforms ordinary websites into ones that sing. It makes tweets instantly quotable. It gives your readers a reason to smile! So, how do you get better?

Write often: This is a gimme, right? But even if you’re not working on a novel, finish something small every day and you’ll get better fast.

Make ‘em think: A small nugget of something valuable trumps paragraphs of gibberish. Your goal? Short, sweet, and informative.

Aim for consistency: If you’re active on Twitter one week and silent the next, customers don’t know what to expect. Become a familiar (perfectly spelled) face.

Find a good reader: Even the most successful authors have editors. Ask a literary friend to give their honest advice: Was that tweet funny? Could this blog post be better?

Look for inspiration: To learn more about process, check out Stephen King’s On Writing. But don’t let reading replace actual writing. Put down the book (or tablet) and pick up the pen(or keyboard)