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What’s Your Google AdWords Quality Score?

Everyone has a number. What’s yours?

We’re not asking you to divulge any personal secrets. But you do need to revisit some of your past decisions… in Google Adwords.

Because when it comes to your Google AdWords Quality Score, the higher the better. Your Quality Score (ranked 1-10) is an estimate of the quality of your landing pages and ads triggered by main keywords.

But why should you care?

Let’s say you’re a small business owner with website that specializes in bikes. Brian, a potential new customer, is searching Google for bicycle accessories. Brian searches “bicycle seat and covers,” sees your ad about bike seats, then lands on your website to buy the perfect bike seat and cover. Voila!

That’s what Google considers a great user experience (and therefore earns you a higher Quality Score). With relevant ads, Google rewards you with higher ad rankings at a lower cost.

So really, what’s your number?

To check your Quality Score: In AdWords, click “campaigns” and select the Keywords tab to run a diagnosis. Then, select the white speech bubble to see details about that keyword’s Quality Score.

Here, you’ll see ratings for expected clickthrough rate (CTR), ad relevance, and landing page experience (a.k.a. how relevant your landing page is to the ad served). Note: CTR is one of the most important factors that goes into your Quality Score.

Not happy with your Quality Score? There are several approaches to boost your ratings. First, revisit your ad text: test out PPC ad copy that is more targeted. Also, try splitting your keywords into tight groups that can be tied to specific ad campaigns.

For more insider tips and tricks, check out Google’s help page.

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