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How to Access the System Console

There are various reasons to access the system console. To access the System Console, you must be logged into WHM. If you have not logged in before, please see: Logging into WHM.

Once logged in:

  1. Login to WHM.
  2. In the Search box on the left-side panel, locate and expand the Server Configuration section and select Terminal from the list.
  3. The first time you access the terminal, you will see a warning stating:

    Warning Exercise extreme caution if you use this interface. Misuse of command line tools can destroy data or even render your server unusable.

  4. Click the button labeled I understand and want to proceed to continue. A terminal will then open.
  5. Congratulations, you can begin using Linux commands to manage your server.

    Warning: Commands that you enter in this interface can render your server inoperable. We strongly recommend that only users with command-line experience use this feature.

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