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CodeGuard for VPS and Dedicated Servers

We are pleased to announce our new partnership with CodeGuard. Bluehost India VPS and Dedicated hosting users can now take advantage of this partnership with unique plans just for Bluehost India customers.

As a Bluehost India customer you will get the following benefits:

  • Unlimited websites
  • Unlimited databases
  • Daily backup and monitoring
  • Client Access and Reporting
  • Advanced Security

How to Sign Up

Sign up and billing is handled through CodeGuard. Use one of the following links to start the process:

  1. Use the tabs at the top to view and select the package that best fits your needs.
    CodeGuard package selection
  2. Choose a billing cycle, then click Sign up now!
    CodeGuard billing cycle selection
    The price displayed in this image may not reflect the actual price for CodeGuard services.
  3. Enter your information, leave the Partner Code field blank.
    CodeGuard package selection
    The price displayed in this image may not reflect the actual price for CodeGuard services.
  4. Check that you have read the Terms of Service, and then click Create Account.

That's it! CodeGuard will send you an email to set up your login information and explain how to get started.

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