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Managing Backups with Site Backup Pro

The Site Backup Pro tool is a powerful, friendly interface for creating and restoring backups made of your account's files, databases, email accounts, email forwarders and filters. The tool provides a way to use either backups we create for you from our Daily, Weekly and Monthly incremental backups--and also provides a way to download your own backups for files, databases, email addresses, forwarders and filters.

The Basic version is available for all Bluehost India users, and can be used immediately by selecting the Site Backup Pro icon in your Files category of your cPanel. The Pro version offers more flexibility and convenience. You can upgrade to Site Backup Pro Pro which includes features such as the ability to download individual files, folders and tables, download only modified files and download PostgreSQL databases. You may purchase Site Backup Pro through your Upgrades tab or by contacting our Sales Department.

Here's a list of how-to articles, describing how to properly use the Site Backup Pro tool. If you need assistance with any of these functions described here, please feel free to contact our Support department for help.

Creating a Backup

Restoring Files from Backup

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