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Billing Prefix Change

Beginning Mid 2018, Endurance International Group (EIG) and Bluehost India will be updating the way we appear on your (our customers') Billing Statements. This change is required in order to create a more unified and cohesive representation in regards to the way charges show up in your credit card statements and to reduce over-all confusion with billing.

Simply put, before, you may have seen:
(Bluehost India) + Bluehost India URL + Bluehost India Phone Number.
Now, when reviewing your card statements, you will see:
(“EIG” Prefix) + Bluehost India URL + Bluehost India Phone Number.

Who will this effect?:

All Endurance International Group customers, which owns several companies involved in the tech/web hosting industry, including: Bluehost India.

What is happening?:

EIG &  Bluehost India are aligning the way your payments appear on your account statements to alleviate unrecognizable transactions.

Why is this happening?:

Since Endurance International Group is Bluehost India’s Parent Company, EIG is responsible for the billing and transaction information so your statements will now reflect this. 

What Should I do?

Nothing! Since this change will happen on the back end of the billing you simply need to continue using your account services with an active payment method, and when the next billing occurs, you should see the changes reflect on your statements.

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