Is your online business SEO ready and does it have what it takes to attract the right customers? If you don’t have an answer to that, let us help you…

It doesn’t matter how good your products are or how well designed your website is, it all goes to vain unless your brand is discoverable on the internet.  In our most recent webinar our Senior SEO Specialist Namrata Asrani, talks us through 12 easy steps you MUST take to ensure your business is growing and is being discovered.

So, let’s dive straight into it…

Step 1: Competitor Research
– Understand your competitors and marketplace: This is not about your direct and indirect competitors; this also involves people/companies selling similar products/services to yours
– Identify your top competitors
– Identify what is that your competitors are doing to amplify their online reach

*Pro Tip – You can use few free tools like Sprout Social, SEM Rush & Wappalyzer to do your competitor research

Step 2: Research your Target Keywords
This is all about identifying the right keywords specific to your business. We at Bluehost classify keywords into longtail and head keywords.
Long tail keywords usually lead to more organic conversions as a person is being very specific about their search vs head keywords which tend to be more generic. Most importantly answering questions and the needs of a customer via keywords will always help strategizing your keywords in the right way.

*ProTip – Use Google Keyword Planner or Google Trends to research your keywords. This also gives you an understanding of what are the right keywords for your business and what your competitors are biding on.

Step 3 – Track Website Performance
Conduct the following health checks to ensure your website performance is in place:
– Check the page load time
– Page responsiveness
– Mobile optimisation
– Duplicate content issues
– Sitemaps
– URL structure
– Any broken links
– Analyse your backlinks
– Meta tags
– Keyword rich content
– Image optimisation

Step 4 – Simple SEO
A tool we offer at Bluehost, which is accessible specially to our hosting customers. If you are looking at doing SEO by yourself and require basic guidance or push to the right path, you can opt for our simple SEO services. You can reach out to our support team to get more details regarding the same. Here’s a simple article to help you look for the right keywords for your ecommerce website.

Step 5 – Backlinking, Reviews and Competitor Backlinks

What exactly is backlinking?
In simple terms, backlinking is getting your website recommended on other websites to ensure maximum visibility.

How you ensure your backlinking game is on point?
– Update Google my business & other listings
– Update business address & contact information
– Update reviews on Google my business, other listings & your website

Step 6 – Talk to your Customers
A very important step is to talk to your customers to understand their purchase behaviour.
What are their needs? What is their motive behind purchasing a particular product/service? How do they search for a particular product/service?

*Pro tip – Engage. Learn. Connect. Understand.

Step 7 – Create Longform Content
Once you’ve identified the right target audience, understood their needs, purchase patterns and more, you can engage them with long form content.

What is long form content?
Content that is 1200 words or longer.

What are the types of longform content?
– White Papers
– Case Studies

What should these content pieces address?
– Customer needs
– Why your product/service is best suited for their needs
– Easy to read
– Make it visually engaging
– Knowledge sharing

The above will help you create engaging content which in turn will ensure your potential customer to stay on your website for longer.

Step 8 – Delete Zombie Pages
What are Zombie pages?
Zombie pages are the ones that aren’t generating any traffic for you or do not have any engaging content on them.

Google focuses on quality and not quantity. So, if you have any pages that do not have engaging content or lead to a 404 error, you may as well delete them to ensure a more pleasant experience for your visitors.

Step 9 – Word of Mouth Marketing
Research states word of mouth marketing is the MOST powerful forms of marketing. 64% of marketing executives believe it is the most effective but ONLY 6% have mastered it yet.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get talking about your brand…

Step 10 – Build an Email List

How to grow your marketing email list?
– Create personalised CTAs for each web page
– Offer value in your CTAs
– Give away bonus content and discounts
– Leverage existing email base

Step 11 – Retargeting Via Paid Advertising & Organic Social Media
Retarget your customers and website visitors with engaging content via the following:
– Google Ads
– Facebook Ads  

Here’s how to use Facebook to market your ecommerce website.

*Pro Tip – Create campaigns on basis of a particular retargeting audience. 

Idea 12 – Engage Expert SEO Advice
Our specialist has shared several ideas that you can use to amplify your SEO strategy. If the above-mentioned steps are very cumbersome for you to execute as you need to focus on the larger aspects of the business, you don’t have to worry!

Here’s we step in with to provide you with the expertise and the results you are looking for!

With our Managed SEO services our experts ensure your website is ranking at the top on search engines. With everything from keyword targeting & tracking to, content relevancy, analytics our experts have your back!

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