At this point, you may have felt that your shared hosting service is not enough. Your website may be facing obstacles with respect to traffic or uptime or you may want to consolidate your website’s security the way you want. And it is only fair to do so. If you feel that your web hosting needs an upgrade from Shared to VPS, you must do so. But here is what you need to understand when it comes to VPS hosting. 


In VPS hosting, multiple users use the same server and remain isolated from each other. Therefore, none of the servers are affected by the number of resources used by other users available on the server. The user gets the required level of benefits, such as speed and safety without compromise. 

Do you think it is time to upgrade your web hosting from shared to VPS? Please read more about the benefits of doing so in this blog.  


  1. Scale and elasticity

If your site suddenly sees an increase in traffic, as is usual with Black Friday or such events, you’ll need to scale your server resources to meet your growing traffic needs. This type of change often terribly stops a shared server, especially if other servers are experiencing the same. Not only is a VPS normally able to accommodate these peaks, but if your site suddenly needs additional resources, VPS hosts can upgrade your resources quickly and easily. 


  1. No resource sharing 

With shared hosting, you will be forced to share your server resources with multiple websites hosted on your server. If one of these websites dominates all of these resources due to their heavy traffic or load, the hosting server may end up and this may directly affect the availability and business of your site. However, if you use a VPS, this will ensure that it does not have a direct impact on your site, as your server’s resources will not be shared directly with other sites on the server. 


  1. Great speed and security

If new content is added to the site, it will probably reduce the speed of your website. This applies to websites with a large number of database feelings. If your website lasts long-term in the process, then the time you should go for VPS hosting. Also, a large part of the website sees more traffic on their website. 


Many well-known sites have higher operating speeds and they can serve as an example for you. But with your current plans, you can’t control a large volume of your site. So upgrading your current plan to VPS may be the best thing for your site. 


There are times when your site needs more security to benefit your users. For example, if you have an e-commerce site, then you need better security to process or store your users’ personal and financial information. 


Because VPS hosting accounts are separate, have stored data, and have fixed areas which are more secure than any other shared hosting service. Also, VPS hosting allows you to install additional firewalls to set better security rules and regulations. 


  1. More reliable

By its nature, VPS hosting is more robust and the environment is set up so that if an error occurs in the VPS account, the hosting software can move your site to another time and the rebuild will proceed quickly. In the case of VPS hosting, there may be some downtime, but not as severe as in the case of a shared hosting account. 



If you have a website with very poor traffic and do not need advanced features, shared hosting will suffice. However, for most other companies, VPS is almost always a better choice with higher performance, flexibility, and durability in the years to come. 


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