With the digitization of modern technology and the COVID-19 pandemic, several businesses have moved online. Along with this, there has been a growth of online businesses where everyone can access and order virtually, at the click of a button. As a business owner, if you’re thinking about venturing into the online world, there are a handful of things you need to take care of viz. setting up a website, marketing it to the right audience and lastly making a profit. However, the first thing you need to do is to set up your website. 

Creating your website is a straightforward process. All you need to do is register a domain name, get web hosting, design your website and voila make it live! Mind-boggling, isn’t it? Worry not, it is not as complicated as it sounds. With the right guidance and help, setting up your business website is a simple task. In this regard, finding the right web hosting and web hosting provider is a crucial aspect.  

Although there are several types of web hosting available, the right web hosting can take your website places. Another thing to keep in mind is the balance between managing your web hosting and developing a marketing plan to promote your business online. As a new business owner juggling between the two can be quite a hassle especially if you’re not technically savvy enough. To overcome this hurdle, choosing a web hosting that offers managed hosting services is the best way forward.  

So, what is Managed Hosting services? Scroll down to read what Managed Hosting service is and how it can help you, a new business website owner, to establish your presence in the online world. 

Understanding Managed Hosting Service  

Managed Hosting is a web hosting service that provides business owners the flexibility to manage the business & marketing aspects of their business while the server on which the website is hosted is managed by the web hosting provider.   

With Managed Hosting Services a team of excellent technical professionals’ help manage your server providing unmatched support and on-demand solutions customized for your website server. Bluehost’s Managed Hosting Services is available as an add-on with our VPS Hosting and Dedicated Server plans.   

Doubtful, yet? Here are 5 prime benefits of choosing Managed Hosting Services for your business website. 

5 Benefits of Managed Hosting Services 

  • Time & Resources – With Managed Hosting services, you need not worry about allocating server resources and the time required to manage your server. This saved time can be used to create content and business strategy for your website 
  • Setup & Monitoring – With Managed Hosting services the team takes care of your server setup, monitoring, server hardening, patching and security audit. Along with this, they even take care of server rebuilding and web configuration so you can focus on selling your product
  • Full-root Access – Although full-root access is a feature available with even self-managed VPS Hosting and Dedicated Server, if you are not technically savvy and only want to concentrate on the marketing aspect of your business then you will need to hire an external server manager who will take care of your server needs. However, with Managed Hosting services all this is taken care of by the team of experts. Nevertheless, there might come a time wherein you want to look at how your server resources are allocated, or the process/software installed. In such a case, full-root access enables you to monitor your server whenever you want to 
  • Server Security – Server security is directly proportional to your website’s security. As a business website since you’re dealing with customers’ sensitive information viz. credit card details, address and more, server security is more crucial. With Managed Hosting services, your server management experts ensure that your server is always protected. They take care of services like server backup, content recovery, email spam review, configuring a firewall, delisting malicious IP addresses, database management, and more
  • Site migration  If your business has grown and traffic has spiked but your website suddenly loads slowly, you know it is time to switch your web host or you may lose precious customers. At such a time, Bluehost’s Managed Hosting services offer site migration, server & application setup viz. server, DNS, email and FTP client setup, database optimization, server performance analysis and much more, while you focus on running your business smoothly  

Service to Suit Your Needs   

If you are just starting your business or your business has suddenly grown, with no time left to manage your server, then Managed Hosting service is the answer. Managed Hosting services can aid you in taking care of your server, while you concentrate on expanding the reach of your business.  

Our Managed Hosting services can be purchased as an add-on with either Dedicated Server or VPS Hosting plans, and build & manage your business website with ease.     

Get, set, and go! Leave your server management to a team of experts while you concentrate on running your business website without worrying about your server! 

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H. Fatima used to be an Engineer by profession and Writer by passion until she started pursuing full-time digital marketing. She is presently a Content Marketeer at Newfold Digital (APAC). She mostly writes what she deeply perceives and analyses, it is her way of unwinding. Her interests include writing, reading, watching foreign-language cinema and public speaking.

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