The industry of web hosting is not as out-of-date as many believe. In fact, it’s among the most prosperous online enterprises. Web hosting companies are booming in the market more than ever as thousands of new websites go up every day.

As internet businesses hunt for billing and invoicing tools to make their payments more enticing and quick, a number of billing software companies are also prospering.

The days of manual invoicing, murky transactions, and inaccurate invoices dealing with hosting providers are long gone. If a mistake is made while the customer is processing the payment, it will reduce your profits and have an adverse effect on your internet reputation.

If you’ve made the decision to launch a web hosting business, finding a top-notch billing system that manages all of your invoices without you having to worry about a thing should be one of your top concerns. The top 5 billing software and automation platforms for web hosting companies are included below for that reason.


The top integrated client administration, billing, and automation tool designed specifically for web hosting providers is called WHMCS. It has one of the greatest automation interfaces, which allows you to save a tonne of time and money. 

It is a laborious task to have to send out bills, collect payments, and make billing reminders. Nobody ought to have to put up with doing all of those things by hand. Because of this, you require an automation interface, and many well-known web hosts use WHMCS. 

In addition, WHMCS is highly compatible and supports all known control panels and domain registrars, so you don’t have to worry about flexibility. Even if you’re new to the web hosting industry, WHMCS is integrated with a handy, easy-to-use API, ORM and ticketing system so you can quickly get used to the interface. 

It is currently the market leader and occupies a unique league.

  1. Blesta

A well-liked billing system for web hosting providers is called Blesta. Blesta is similarly very developer-friendly to WHMCS. Additionally, the software contains a client management capability that enables it to give a concise summary of the customer together with payment information. 

The automation is also commendable, and it is the reason why Blesta is competing with WHMCS and other top billing solutions. Your customers can contact customer service by using the client portal, emails, or tickets. The market’s safest billing and invoicing software, Blesta, is considered to be well-written. Your customers can effortlessly make payments from their mobile devices thanks to the responsive UI.

  1. HostBill

If you’re seeking for top-notch billing and automation software for your web hosting company, HostBill is yet another fantastic choice. Due to its linguistic support, HostBill is especially effective for businesses aiming to grow their customer abroad. 

Additionally, HostBill is highly advanced and provides features that go above and beyond standard billing. It offers automated billing, hosting, support, and management solutions as well as certain management techniques to help you expand in the web hosting industry.

  1. Client Executive

One well-known company that offers premium automation services for web hosting providers is ClientExec. In addition to billing management, ClientExec also handles support, plugin integration, automatic domain registration, hosting account setup, and more. 

Even if you run a reseller business, ClientExec can handle all your hosting needs. It provides a brief description of your users and the plan they are trying to purchase, and is compatible with almost all major payment processors. ClientExec provides your customers with a world-class ticketing system that greatly enhances your business support capabilities.

  1. Ubersmith

Ubersmith is a different outstanding billing system that raises the bar for automation. Since it supports many currencies, you won’t need to convert payments after the purchase has been done if you’re conducting business abroad. The processing of orders and payments is very user-friendly, rapid, and practical for the customer.


That’s all there is to it. I’ve included a list of the top billing and automation platforms available today. Now it’s up to you to choose wisely, and we hope you spend your time and money on the programme that will work best for your web hosting business. 


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