There are many marketing tactics merchants use to sell their products. Still, affiliate marketing stands out to companies and entrepreneurs alike because it exposes the product to many prospects in a short time. 

Merchants share a cut of the sale revenue with affiliate marketers for every sale they help make. Affiliate marketing spending is consistently ballooning every year, which means more affiliates actively market products for commissions. 

The low startup and ongoing costs of affiliate marketing, coupled with the high ROI potential, makes affiliate marketing an excellent earning opportunity for anybody with a computer.  

But with the increased competition comes the struggle to make profits. The top 10% of affiliates take home 90% of the commissions offered by merchants. 

However, there are untapped affiliate marketing niches that you can target, rank high, and drive sales. Learning how to pick a niche can seem complex, but it’s easier than it looks. 

In this post, I will teach you how to choose a niche for affiliate marketing before breaking down how to find the right affiliate program.  

What is a Niche in Affiliate Marketing? 

Niches are specialized markets with products that solve specific problems for customers. For example, handmade bags, organic soaps, and height-adjustable office desks are all niche products. 

It’s not unusual for niche products to have a small market. For instance, thousands of office desks are manufactured and sold every year. However, height-adjustable office desks answer the need for better posture and reduce back pain for a small group of customers.  

Niche markets tend to have less affiliate marketing competition compared to more recognized market segments. This makes it easier for affiliates to find success in niche markets.  

Once you learn how to find a niche for affiliate marketing, it will focus your marketing efforts and help you reach qualified leads faster. 

How To Choose a Niche for Affiliate Marketing?  

Finding the best niche for affiliate marketing requires effort but finding the right niche can set you up for success. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to pick a niche:  

Step #1: Research Topics and Brainstorm 

An easy way of finding a topic that you can find a niche in is to consider your hobbies. But you could also research topics you’re interested in and want to learn more about. 

Begin by shortlisting a few topics that you think are interesting enough for you to build a site about. 

Step #2: Zero in on a Niche 

The next step involves searching for your topic of choice on social media sites and forums like Quora. The idea here is to find a trending niche topic. For instance, let’s say you’re interested in gardening.  

Looking it up on Quora brings up several interesting questions that Quora users asked.  

Image: Quora-Research-Example.png 

For instance, indoor gardening looks like a niche a lot of people are interested in. You will find several niches for every topic you search. 

Step #3: Find Keywords in AdWords 

Once you find a niche, log into your Google Ads account, and navigate to the Keyword Planner section under the “Tools & Settings” tab. 

Image: Google-Ads-Tools-&-Settings-Tab.png 

Next, click “Discover new keywords.” 

 Image: Google-Ads-Discover-New-Keywords.png 

Finally, you can type in “indoor gardening” and look for related keywords to target.  

Image: Google-Keyword-Planner-Example.png 

The idea is to find a high-interest keyword that many users search for but don’t have much competition. You can then target these keywords in the content you publish on your site.  

Continuing with the indoor gardening niche affiliate marketing example, snake plants are indoor plants that you can market for companies in the niche. You could also sell related products and target this keyword to rank and drive more sales. 

If you’re wondering how to choose a profitable niche, all you must be wary about is competition. Finding a niche that doesn’t have much competition is key to making good profits. If the competition in the niche you picked is too high, go back to step #2 and find another niche.  

When you’re ready with the niche and keywords, you can move on to finding the right affiliate marketing program, and start your affiliate website with minimum investment. 

How to Find an Affiliate Program for Your Niche 

After you’ve sorted through all your affiliate marketing niche ideas and found one that seems viable, it’s time to find the right affiliate program. 

Here are five methods affiliate marketing experts use to find the perfect program for niche affiliate marketing: 

Method #1: Using Affiliate Catalogs 

You can think of affiliate catalogs (or “directories”) as classifieds for affiliate programs. Browsing these catalogs is a convenient and reliable method of finding relevant affiliate programs.  

Every listing is overlooked by the program’s affiliate manager. So, if you’re interested in any affiliate program, you can get in touch with the program manager directly. 

Well-known directories like PayDotCom and Awin Advertiser Directory allow you to search programs related to your niche easily. You can also sort the programs by region, category, and commission type. 

Image: Awin-Advertiser-Directory-Search-Options.png 

If you find sorting through the listings difficult on the site, Awin allows you to export the results into a CSV file and refine your search with a tool like Microsoft Excel. Bear in mind that not every directory offers this feature. 

There is no shortage of these directories and looking for programs on these directories is worth the effort. 

Method #2: Searching “Affiliate Program + [Keyword]” On Google 

Google is the largest and among the most powerful search engines available, and it can also help you find the best affiliate program in your niche.  

Using Google to search for affiliate programs is straightforward. All you have to do is type in “affiliate marketing program,” add a “+,” and enter your niche before hitting the search button. 

If you want to find the best affiliate programs for a specific product, you can search “affiliate marketing program,” add a “+,” and enter the product name. 

You should see a substantial number of results pointing to relevant affiliate programs. 

Image: Google-Search-Example.png 

The nice thing about Google is that it enables you to search for merchants in specific affiliate marketing networks. So, if you’ve decided that you only want to work with a specific merchant, you can find their program by searching for the merchant’s name and adding “affiliate program” to the search. 

Since different merchants use different terms to refer to their affiliate programs, you should try adding “partner program” or “associate’s program” instead of “affiliate program” in your search. 

When the results appear, scroll through the results, and open the affiliate programs that look potentially suitable to join. You can go over the details of the programs in the tabs you open in your browser in one go. 

Bear in mind that some affiliate programs are country-specific. Ensure that you check every program’s location. Further, avoid joining the programs that you cannot promote locally per their request. 

Some affiliate programs give the affiliates physical products to promote. If you pick a niche where selling physical products makes sense, joining one of these programs may be a good idea. 

Note that some companies like Amazon and eBay pay commissions based on the category of product you sell. So, before you sign up for an affiliate program, make sure you understand how much money you stand to make (or lose if your site doesn’t pick up). 

Method #3: Join Affiliate Forums  

Joining affiliate forums is something I recommend to every new affiliate marketer. The sub-forums can be an invaluable source of information – including the best affiliate programs in every niche. We have listed the best affiliate forums on our blog if you are interested in joining. 

Users on WickedFireWarrior Forum, and AffiliateFix post everything related to affiliate marketing on the forums. There are also dedicated affiliate marketing sub-forums on every forum, where users discuss affiliate programs every day.  

Image: WickedFire-Forum-Affiliate-Program-Threads-Example.png 

Besides finding affiliate programs, joining the forum can help you learn everything from blog writing and search engine optimization to business management and campaign scaling. 

Search Through Popular Affiliate Networks 

In addition to connecting advertisers and publishers, affiliate networks also offer both parties several benefits. For publishers (the merchants), affiliate networks handle affiliate tracking and payment processing. 

The networks provide affiliates with a broad array of affiliate programs to choose from. The sale tracking features make niche affiliate marketing that much easier for affiliates. Additionally, affiliates feel at ease because the network pays them and not the merchants.  

It’s important to remember that some programs require your site to qualify to be accepted into their program. Therefore, you must ensure that your website has great content and looks professional before applying for an account on any network. 

After getting approved by the affiliate network, you can login and search for the right product or program. Affiliate links are product links with your tracking ID attached to them, and you paste them wherever you want to sell that product for a commission on your website. Affiliate links also work perfectly on social media and virtually every other site. 

Different affiliate networks offer different perks and have some unique disadvantages. I’ve contrasted between Amazon Associates and ClickBank below:  

Amazon Associates  

In addition to plain text links, Amazon Associates also gives you access to image links that attract more attention. While you won’t need approval in most countries to join the network, the Amazon Associates affiliate program requires every US website to be approved before joining. 

This prolongs the sign-up process for affiliates, but it’s worth it since Amazon is the world’s biggest online retailer. More of your visitors will be familiar with the platform versus another affiliate network. With this perspective, it’s easier to promote Amazon products versus products from other affiliate networks. 

To explore the products, you can promote for Amazon, visit the site, and click on the “Best Sellers” button on the left side of the top bar. The best sellers page will open, and you will see a panel on your left with all the products categories listed.  

Image: Amazon-Affiliate-Program-Product-Categories.png 

You can go through this list to find products suitable for your audience.  


Unlike Amazon Associates, ClickBank does not require your site to be approved even if you’re in the US. So, the sign-up process is quicker and easier, but this also puts you in a pool of potentially low-quality affiliate sites. This makes it difficult for the right publisher to find your site since they must sort through more affiliates. 

To find programs and products you can promote, create an account on ClickBank and log into the site. You must then click on the marketplace button on the top of the screen and type in your niche in the search field. 

Image: ClickBank-Marketplace-Button.png 

After you enter your search term, the products will appear on the right, and you can filter through the results using the options on the left. Sorting by popularity or “gravity” and the average income per sale are great ways of finding programs. 

Image: ClickBank-Marketplace-Filters-and-Programs.png 

Join Affiliate Marketing Subreddits on Reddit 

r/DigitalMarketing, r/affiliate_marketing, r/Affiliate, and r/AffiliateMarket are some of the many affiliate marketing subreddits that you can find on Reddit. 

Every one of these subreddits has thousands of active users that discuss affiliate programs every day. Browsing through these subreddits and using the site’s search function will help you find affiliate programs that pay well. 

It’s also a great idea to use tools like to find subreddits related to your niche. While you won’t find affiliate programs on those subreddits, the subreddits can be a major source of content ideas. In addition, interacting with the members is an excellent way to understand the community’s sentiments about products. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can beginners get approval from affiliate networks? 

Yes, anybody with a domain, a site (WordPress sites are popular among affiliates), and hosting can get approved from affiliate networks.  

Do I need a blog or website for joining an affiliate network? 

Blogging is one way of qualifying for affiliate programs. However, publishers also connect with social media influencers and YouTubers and pay them commissions for the sales they drive through promotions on social media platforms. 

What are evergreen niches for affiliate marketing? 

Lifestyle and wellness, technology, travel, and sports are some niches that always interest the public. Finding the right sub-niche can set you up for success. 

The Takeaway 

Now that you know how to choose a niche for affiliate marketing, finding the best affiliate niches should seem like less of a hurdle and more of an opportunity to make the most of.  

But remember that learning how to choose a niche for affiliate marketing is only a step in the process of becoming a well-paid affiliate marketer. The affiliate program you choose dictates how well you get paid.  

Make sure you use every method in this guide and don’t stop after you’ve found a suitable program using one method. There could be a program that pays better waiting to be found. 

With that said, you’re as ready as you can be to find a suitable affiliate marketing program. I recommend starting with searching networks and directories before using the other methods. 



Kulwant Nagi is a professional affiliate marketer and founder of AffiliateBooster. He has trained more than 8000 students with this affiliate marketing training and has a community of 35000 bloggers and affiliate marketers.

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