If you have clicked through and landed on this post, there are high chances that you are looking for ways to increase your online retail store’s sales, isn’t it? Maybe you are experiencing a slump in sales or perhaps, everything is going great, and you want to maintain the momentum. Irrespective of the case, we know how important sales are for the retailers. We have collated a few excellent tips that you can adopt to increase your e-commerce sales.  

  1. Reduce Friction in Your Store’s Checkout Process
    Reducing friction in your checkout process can have an incredible impact on your store’s conversion rates. Therefore, you should make it as seamless as possible for your visitors to use as well as navigate your retail e-commerce store. You can do this by: 
  • Offering guest checkout 
  • Making it easy to reset forgotten passwords 
  • Making all navigation elements clickable links 
  • Using accurate navigation titles 
  • Using progress indicators 
  • Focusing on mobile checkout UX (User Experience) 
  • Using visuals to make the process easier 

2. Offer a Bullet-Proof Money Back Guarantee 

Often, one of the most determining factors in the decision of a consumer to not buy something is usually risk aversion – the desire to avoid a possible loss. Mostly, the perceived risk is a financial one. You should be ready with answers to a few common questions – Why should your visitors buy your products? What if your products do not work for them or they do not like it?  

Even the small purchases can have the risk of “buyers’ remorse”. Therefore, to overcome this objection from the start, offer a bullet-proof money-back guarantee. The more risk and uncertainty you remove from the decision of your prospect, the more likely they are to complete the purchase in minimum time. It is therefore essential to take away or completely eliminate anything that can dissuade the prospects from buying from you.  

3. Keep Messaging Consistent Across Your Sites and Campaigns 

Ever clicked on a PPC ad that caught your attention, only to take you to a website’s homepage or an irrelevant landing page? Did you buy whatever you were searching for from that website? Your answer will probably be ‘No’.  

If any user clicks on an ad while searching for a specific product/service, the page they are taken to should have that specific product or service and relevant information about it – not any other category or a special offer for some other product. Therefore, while selling products online, make sure your messaging is highly relevant across all your paid and unpaid campaigns so that the ad clicks turn into sales.  

4. Create and Target Specific Buyer Personas 

We are assuming that you are already creating buyer personas, and if you are not, you are in real trouble. We advise you to start creating buyer personas right away, and if you are doing it already, create even more detailed buyer personas.  

While advertising or selling products online, if you have ever looked at the various targeting options available on Facebook for the advertisers, you may have certainly seen the granularity with which you can easily target the relevant users on Facebook. You or your team can easily target users based on their home’s square footage, the university from which they completed their graduation, and even the place to which they are planning their next vacation. Though it may be overwhelming to work on this degree of specificity for creating buyer personas, the better you understand and know your ideal customers, the more likely your customers are to respond to your customized messages. Therefore, create as detailed personas as you can to optimize your budget and boost e-commerce sales.   

5. Increase Online Sales with Mobile Optimization 

The number of e-commerce businesses with badly optimized and poorly designed mobile websites is really high. And, as the mobile search has already exceeded desktop search in volume, it is vital to optimize your website for mobile, not just from a technical perspective. Make it seamless for your mobile visitors to buy the products you are selling online and give them a user-friendly and compelling experience. This is one of the unavoidable retail marketing strategies to adopt. A few things that you can do are:  

  • Design and launch a separate mobile website 
  • An extensive overhaul of your store’s checkout process 
  • Allow visit to re-visit their cart, even on other devices 
  • Avoid asking for too much information 

Make Your E-commerce Business Wildly Successful 

Now that you know the expert tips that you can consider for significantly increasing the online sale of your products, you are all ready to scale your e-commerce business to great heights. However, always remember, any loophole in the foundation of your e-commerce website, such as unreliable WordPress hosting or inappropriate or irrelevant domain name, can bring down your sales and your website’s overall performance. You can opt for one of the hosting offered by Bluehost, a leading web hosting solutions company founded in 2003. Since then, we have been continually developing innovative and creative ways to deliver our mission of empowering people to harness the web fully.  

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