Businesses and individuals widely use WordPress globally. Hence, WordPress hosting is in demand. However, not every business person or business management team is equipped to handle hosting.

At Bluehost, we understand the limitations of our clients. Considering that we offer Managed WordPress Services that provide an edge in hosting and running a website.

However, to better understand the unique propositions offered by Bluehost WordPress Pro, let’s look at why Managed WordPress Hosting is different.

Understanding Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress Hosting is a web hosting service that specifically caters to WordPress websites and users. By choosing this service, you can easily build and host your website at costs that are only a fraction of the investments required for in-house hosting and management. 

WordPress hosting experts understand the unique server resource footprints of WordPress websites and their security needs courtesy of their deep WordPress expertise. Thus, they help you build a robust, fully-functional website in real quick time. 

Bluehost WordPress Pro – Managed WordPress Services

With the revolutionary one-stop-shop management of all your website needs, our WP Pro is a perfect solution for all businesses and goals. 

Let’s check out 5 reasons that make Bluehost WordPress Pro the ideal website hosting platform for you:

  • Faster website loading – We have taken WordPress experience a notch higher with our WordPress Pro solution which is designed to ensure faster loading of WordPress websites compared to conventional hosting services. We have deployed solid state drives (SSDs) and a lower server density, which ensures that there are fewer customers per server, and the servers are able to load faster.

  • Marketing your business – With Bluehost WordPress Pro, you get a single dashboard with an unmatched ability to manage all your website marketing related needs. Some of these abilities are:
    • Review your SEO performance
    • Change and edit your keyword lists
    • Get complete control and options to optimise your performance
    • Integrate social media profiles into your website to optimise the power of social media outreach
    • Automatically share your content on Twitter and Facebook

Generating traffic to your website becomes easier courtesy of features such as:

    • Easy keyword selection
    • Recommendations for improving the website content

Your Search Engine Marketing endeavours get a boost with us. You can simply enter your existing Google Analytics account key next to the traffic dashboard. This allows you to connect the accounts and gain visibility of your traffic data from a single dashboard. 

  • Themes and support – Our professional support and in-depth expertise of WP management goes well beyond helping you host your website. All of our WordPress Pro Managed Hosting packages offer you an extensive choice of hundreds of professionally built themes that can be personalised and customised as per your website needs.

    You could be an expert photographer, a travel agent or a retailer looking to take his business online. We have features and templates which can be altered to change the look and feel of the website without disturbing the website’s content.

    Our support services are operational 24/7, to ensure that you get real-time support for all your queries, and assistance when you struggle with building your website or customising any part of it.

  • Complete website management – You get to enjoy automatic updates for your WordPress installations and automatic updates for the server environment. These features ensure that your WordPress website is always hosted on the fastest and most reliable technology stack available.

  • Go limitless – We don’t believe in confining your business hosting experience. Therefore, our WordPress Pro Hosting allows you complete freedom to scale your business with:

    • Hosting for an unlimited number of domains
    • Ability to store as much content as you need
    • Quick website loading experience for an unlimited number of visitors


Managed WordPress Hosting is ideal for building a business on WordPress, be it eCommerce or freelancing. Managed WordPress Hosting comes with the efficiency of having an in-house team of WordPress experts to manage your website. For security and performance, a Managed WordPress Hosting plan can be the best option. 

Now that you know the benefits of Bluehost’s Managed WordPress Hosting services, it’s time you let your website experience them. 



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