An ecommerce business, in today’s day and age, has taken over a physical shop by a mile! With more and more people turning to digital shopping options – from daily needs to luxury products – owning and running an ecommerce business is an effective way to succeed.  

The best ecommerce stores today, offer their customers a wide range of quality products, a convenient shopping experience, competitive prices and easy payment, shipping and delivery options. These are pretty much the basics that every customer expects today. However, to be able to get to the point where a customer goes ahead and does business with you, your e-commerce website must be appealing, informative, easy-to-navigate, secure, fast and convenient.  

So how do you start an online store that encourages customers to do business with you?  

Well, it all starts with choosing the right ecommerce website builder – the very foundation and backbone on which your ecommerce store stands. Whether you choose to build your own e-commerce website, which is pretty easy with a smart builder, or work with experts to design your e-commerce website – the website builder itself must be flexible, have the right tools to support your needs and allow you to completely customize your e-commerce website just the way you want it.  

The website builder you choose to build and manage your ecommerce website can make or break your success. We’ve listed down 5 Red Flags to look out for when choosing an ecommerce website builder.  

5 Ecommerce Website Builder Red Flags to Look Out For 

With so many ecommerce websites in the market, customers have unlimited options. However, customers look for businesses that not only have quality products but also offer multiple features that make shopping online easy, and convenient. This means that as an ecommerce website owner you need to think of the entire customer journey, from the moment they land on your website to checkout. Every step of the customer journey must inspire website visitors to do business with you, instead of making it a hassle.  

Here are the top 5 red flags to look out for when choosing your ecommerce website builder: 

1. Lack Of Payment Options 

There are so many digital payment options available today and you need to make sure your ecommerce business offers all these options to your customers. Debit and credit cards, UPI, Cash on Delivery – you must be able to integrate and offer multiple payment options. If a website builder restricts integration of multiple payment methods or does not allow you to offer your customer’s preferred payment options it’s a big no-no! One of the biggest reasons people choose online shopping is the convenience to pick and shop – all in a few clicks. Make it easier for your customers to pay and complete the transaction rather than leave your website because the payment wasn’t easy.  

PS: When you build an online store with Bluehost you can easily integrate with Razorpay and other payment methods to make it easier for your customers to shop from you!  

2. No Social Media Integration 

Social media platforms play a huge role in helping you boost visibility and allowing more people to come to your website and do business with you. Your ecommerce website builder must allow you to easily integrate with social media platforms, allowing you to boost sales and get people from multiple platforms.  

3. No Option for Promotions and Offers 

Everyone loves a good deal! Your website builder must allow you to integrate applications, plugins or tools that make it easy for you to generate promo codes and run promotions on your website. If your website builder does not have that option, you will lose out on customers and will not be able to make the most of sale periods and festive shopping sprees. Pricing, promos, discount codes must all be easily integrated within your website so you can easily drive traffic with attractive offers.  

4. Restriction on Number of Products 

Even if you have just a handful of products that you want to sell through your ecommerce business at the moment, always choose a builder that allows you to sell unlimited products. Restriction on the number of products you can sell through your website will restrict your potential and will leave no room for future opportunities for growth. A professional and reliable ecommerce website builder will always give you the option to sell unlimited products.  

5. No Mobile Responsive Themes 

While a decade ago desktop-only themes were not a big issue, but today mobile-responsive themes are an absolute must for all websites. Most customers today shop on the go, which means most people use their mobile devices to browse and make buying decisions. If your ecommerce website is not optimized for mobile you may lose potential customers, and thus lose business.  

Get Started; Get Selling!  

Ready to pick the right website builder for your ecommerce business? Make sure the website builder you pick allows you to build a professional mobile-responsive website, has no restrictions on the number of products you can sell, allows for easy and multiple payment methods integration, makes it easy for you to run promotions and offers, and lets you leverage the power of social media. The all-new Bluehost Ecommerce Website Builder allows you to do all this, and more!  

For all these reasons, and more, WordPress has become one of the most popular platforms to build, manage and grow an ecommerce website. If you’re considering it too, here are 6 reasons to choose WordPress for your ecommerce website 

For more information, head to our WordPress Tutorials page.  


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