E-commerce is here to stay, and few will doubt that. People’s inclination towards online shopping is increasing by the day. However, as the number of online shoppers increases, so does the competition in e-commerce. 

Standing out to the online consumer requires a site that’s fast, personalised, and convenient to explore. The only way to meet today’s online consumer demands is to build an e-commerce website with flexible solutions. 

E-commerce store owners use SaaS and other similar products to fulfil their requirements. However, WordPress for e-commerce stands out as a powerful, flexible, and cost-effective solution. It can help quickly build a new e-commerce website or refresh old ones.

Let’s explore why people prefer creating an e-commerce site on WordPress.

Why build a WordPress e-commerce website?

  • True ownership

That’s what WordPress truly offers. With WordPress, your digital business is literally yours to command. With a closed, proprietary platform or closed source website builder, you are at their mercy. You are basically renting everything from a vendor who can change anything without your consent. It could change data sharing rules, features, functionality or even billing practices at the drop of a hat. With WordPress, you won’t have to worry about such unexpected events.

  • Ease-of-use

You will experience a user-friendly environment when building an e-commerce website on WordPress. You can perform tasks such as adding design and editing or updating content with greater ease. Uploading a post is just a matter of a few clicks.

  • Plenty of plugins

Update your e-commerce website using a plethora of effective plugins from WordPress. Along with WooCommerce – a widely known e-commerce plugin, WordPress offers access to WP eCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, Ecwid Ecommerce Shopping Cart and more. No matter the functionality or customisation needed, WordPress probably has a plugin for that. You can also install Razorpay, a trusted payment gateway option that can be integrated with your WooCommerce store. It lets you accept payments from your customers in a secure and personalized environment. Your customers will be able to pay through cards, wallets, APIs or UPI.

  • Stunning themes

Present your brand’s tone in every inch of your website with WordPress themes. Themes like Astra, Webify, Kalium and many more are at your disposal with WordPress. They are feature-rich and offer a lot of customisation options, a user-friendly interface, and a fully responsive design. 

You also have the option to build custom themes for a more personalised look and feel.

  • Top-notch security

WordPress has a team of security experts, ready to offer solutions at your demand. They release regular updates, strengthening the security of your WordPress e-commerce website with every new version.

By integrating plugins such as Duplicator and Activity Log, you can take a backup of your data in case of a technical blunder. 

  • Custom solutions

WordPress is a developer-friendly platform. It offers the flexibility to create custom designs to meet your requirements. This means, your WordPress e-commerce website need not have the basic big header or sidebar.

WordPress also offers customisable widgets for e-commerce. Woo your visitors with these attractive widgets, improving their experience and increasing your customer base in the process.

In a Nutshell

WordPress is a popular CMS that offers website solutions to many who seek a successful online presence. With high-level security, a swarm of plugins, customisable themes and much more, you will have the possibility to do wonders.

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