An online store allows you to reach a global audience, build a unique brand identity and open multiple avenues to sell more and do more. Whether you are someone who owns a physical store and thinking of beginning your digital journey or a first-time entrepreneur exploring the world of ecommerce – setting up your online store needs to be a well-planned strategy.  

Getting online has never been easier. You can easily build your online store, get the right hosting plan for it and get started – but each of these steps, and more, must align with your overall goal. The platform you choose to build your ecommerce website, the hosting plan, the tools and applications you integrate – everything has a direct impact on the success of your online store.  

WordPress is one of the most popular Content Management Systems, across the globe, to build all kinds of websites. It comes with plugins, themes and support that allow anyone to easily build, manage, customize and scale a website. If you’re planning to build your online store on WordPress, WooCommerce is the right partner for success.  

Built for ecommerce, WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that allows users to easily set up, manage and run an online store. It is a free plugin that comes with a wide array of features and functionality specially built to power ecommerce websites. Get the right WooCommerce Hosting plan and you’re all set to start selling through your online store!  

That’s not all. Yes, it’s free and easy to use but there’s a lot more you get with WooCommerce. We’ve listed 7 reasons why WooCommerce is the right partner for your online store.  

Setting up an Online Store? WooCommerce For the Win!  

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin, it’s free and one of the most reputed and widely used ecommerce platforms. It allows anyone and everyone, even with little to no tech knowledge, to quickly and easily set up a fully functional online store. There’s more! Here are 7 reasons why you must choose WooCommerce for your WordPress online store: 

1. Choose from a wide array of online store themes 

WooCommerce comes with a wide range of themes specially designed for online stores. These are fully functional themes, that are suited for different industries and can easily be further personalized. To create a professionally branded website, you can easily change colours, fonts, and other design elements to meet your brand requirements. If you don’t like the existing themes, you can easily search for more themes across the web and get one that speaks to your brand sensibilities.  

2. Easy Setup and Configuration 

Setting up an online store cannot get easier! With WooCommerce you need no technical or coding skills. It’s a simple and intuitive setup process from start to finish. Even if you’re a first-timer, just follow the simple step-by-step process and in no time your online store will be set up and ready for business. From adding products to payment options, shipping or checkout process – it’s all there. You can also add additional WooCommerce extensions to further enhance your online store.  

3. Complete Flexibility 

Who doesn’t like complete flexibility, right? With WooCommerce you have the flexibility to sell whatever, however, and whichever way you want to sell. You can sell digital products as well as physical products, be an affiliate who sells third-party products, sell memberships – even make more money by charging commission from other merchants that want to sell on your online store! Yes, absolute flexibility to run the show just the way you want to. Additionally, if you own a blog, a website and an online store on WordPress, you can do it all under the same domain – it’s all WordPress! 

4. Professional yet Powerful 

WooCommerce is as professional as it gets. Just because it’s easy, and newbie-friendly it in no way makes it unprofessional or a ‘compromise’! In fact, some of the best and most popular online stores started and continue to succeed on WooCommerce. Use the power of WooCommerce to build a professional website that looks great, is easy to navigate through and allows your customers to easily shop with you. Make sure you use a mobile-responsive theme, optimize your WooCommerce website for SEO, integrate the right tracking tools, build an easy checkout process and keep everything super simple yet effective to achieve your ecommerce website goals.  

5. Marketing Maverick  

Effective marketing is essential to stay top of mind, get more people to notice your brand and be accessible to your target audience. Marketing is a mix of strategies and tools that allow you to drive more business. With WooCommerce you can easily make the most of your marketing goals with easy integration to social media platforms, paid advertisements, email marketing, search engine marketing, tracking and analysis, and marketing automation plugins. You can also run discounts, sales and promotions, give away coupons and rewards, create a loyalty programme, and so much more that is all directed towards creating and executing a strong marketing plan for your online store.  

6. Secure. Stable. Support.  

We group these 3 ‘S’s – Security, Stability and Support – as these are equally important for both customers and online store owners. WooCommerce allows you to integrate the best security measures to protect your valuable website and customer data, offers stability to ensure you can keep growing and always be accessible by your customers and allows you to offer and get the right support when you need it. WooCommerce supports all your needs, and you can give complete support to your customers – it’s a win-win!  

7. WooCommerce Community  

WooCommerce is not just an ecommerce platform but a community of developers and WordPress enthusiasts who are constantly adding more and more value for WooCommerce users. Being an open-source platform users from across the globe are readily available for support, while also offering new themes, integrations, features and a lot more. It’s constantly evolving to allow WooCommerce and WordPress users to get the latest and the best resources.  

Start Selling with WooCommerce 

WooCommerce is a comprehensive and complete solution for online stores. It’s powerful, feature-rich and highly customizable making it easy for users to not just get online but also deploy the best of tactics to drive business.  

Running an online store is no child’s play – it requires time, consistent effort and all the right resources – WooCommerce makes it simpler, and easier. It does a lot of the hard work for you so you can plan your next step and continue growing.  

For more tips and information on growing your online store, head to our WordPress Tutorials page. 


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