Websites are a person’s or a company’s online business card, as well as the most vital marketing tool available. A customer’s decision to do business with you or not can be based on the quality and performance of your website. While you can hire the best website designers and use the best web hosting services, many organisations prefer to use WordPress, which allows them to construct and host a site.

A WordPress website, on the other hand, might become slow, unstable, and insecure if it is not given the proper care and maintenance. It takes a lot of time and effort to keep a WordPress site running well. However, managed WordPress hosting takes care of that for you, giving you more time to focus on your business. Managed hosting definitely has a number of advantages over alternative options. Find below a few of them: 

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

One of the most crucial decisions you’ll have to make when creating a website is which hosting plan to buy. A managed WordPress hosting provider can make many tasks easier for you if you’re using WordPress. In a nutshell, managed WordPress hosting is a type of hosting plan in which your site and server are managed by the hosting provider. If you choose an unmanaged hosting plan, you will be responsible for all aspects of your website’s maintenance, including security and performance.

Managed WordPress hosting adds a number of useful features to your plan, allowing you to focus on other important tasks while your site is being managed and maintained. Managed WordPress hosting includes the following features:

  •       A one-hour concierge call to assist you with setting up your account and website
  •       The ability to host your website on WordPress-optimized server
  •       Automated website backups
  •      WordPress software, plugin, and theme updates can be performed automatically if desired
  •       The capacity to host an infinite number of WordPress websites
  •       There are no restrictions on traffic, bandwidth, or storage
  •       Jetpack access (subscription dependent on which WP Pro plan you choose)

You can get managed WordPress hosting that’s a cut above the rest with Bluehost. Let’s look at a few of the advantages of using Managed WordPress Hosting.

Why should you choose managed WordPress hosting?

  • 24/7 support

Most hosting companies offer some level of assistance, but with managed WordPress providers, you can rest assured that the hosting provider’s support staff is well-versed with the WordPress platform. This implies they’ll be able to comprehend even the tiniest problem, whether it’s a potential plug-in conflict, a complex theme, or a server-side problem. You won’t have to worry about anything if their team knows WordPress through and out, and you’ll have access to their team 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • High performance guaranteed

The shared or DIY hosting does not come with any WordPress-focused features to up the website’s performance. Instead, you have to install and tune the settings accordingly. In the best Managed WordPress hosting, the environment is already set for WordPress. This makes you not spend extra time setting things up to optimize your website. Most managed hosting providers come with features like server-level caching, thereby automatically improving the performance of the website.

  • Less latency

The managed hosting providers will have servers set up at various places across a specific geographical area or around the globe depending on the provider. And this is a great way of caching your website content. For instance, if a user tries to access your website, there is no need for the browser to fetch content directly from your server. Instead, the content, which is cached in a nearby server of the managed hosting network, can be fetched from there and delivered, thereby avoiding latency.

  • Continuous backups

You may likely lose data or corrupt the website after performing an update. To avoid it, taking a backup of your site is always recommended. Managed hosting comes with automatic backups, thereby ensuring that no content is lost when you update or perform anything on your WordPress eCommerce site.

  • Easy staging 

Testing is an important part of developing or maintaining a website. Only after you test your website and ensure everything is fine, can you go live with the whole website. Just like that, testing is a phrase that should be done now and then. To test things on a live website is a risky approach as it may corrupt things. Hence, a staging area is required where you can apply changes, run tests and then, apply the same on live. Such easy-to-switch staging environments will be provided with managed hosting.

  • Developer-friendly features

Managed WordPress hosting comes with extra developer-friendly features. You can find a lot of options like SSH access, Git, Sequel Pro, Composer, etc. so that you can tweak and add things to the site. This is not possible in shared or DIY hosting as you may have to put in some additional effort.

  • Good security

Security is an important aspect of your eCommerce website. Your website should be immune to all kinds of attacks and threats. If it gets hacked in a shared or DIY hosting environment, the provider won’t be taking any responsibility. A managed hosting environment usually comes with tight security to defend your online store from all kinds of attacks.

  • Scalable in nature

One of the common hurdles faced by a person starting a website is updating it to a better plan or a hosting environment. During such cases, migration of the entire site to a new habitat will be a time consuming and tedious process. It is here that managed WordPress hosting has an edge. Being highly scalable, upgrading your plans and attributes of the site is just one click away.

  • Better DNS support

A domain name system can be defined as an address delivery system of websites. It makes sure that the content of your website is delivered to the right addresses. When it comes to shared or DIY hosting, the time taken for this entire process will vary. Whereas, the look-up time will be less when it comes to managed hosting providers.


If you are running a business or an online store, you need to go for managed WordPress hosting for the easy solutions it offers for WordPress websites. It offers several benefits; nevertheless, when it comes to supporting, security, scalability and maintenance, it is an easy choice.

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