The content on your blog plays a key role in the SEO ranking of your website. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of modifying the website’s content for a better rank on the results page of popular search engines. While keyword targeting and meta description are the defining factors of SEO ranking, there are other factors that are equally important. You should understand all of them if you want your blog to do well. Each factor serves a specific purpose to meet SEO goals. Let’s understand what they are and how they, directly or indirectly, affect blog SEO.

Dwell Time

Dwell time is the time a reader spends on a page of your blog site. When a user submits a query on a search engine, the results page displays relevant website links. Dwell time is the duration from when a visitor clicks on your site in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) and lands on your page to when they exit the page. This metric informs search engines such as Google about how valuable your content is to the reader. The longer they spend time on the page, the more relevant it is to them.

Page Speed 

Page speed is important for user experience. Users prefer a website that loads quickly. Elements such as redundant codes and the overuse of plugins can contribute significantly to a sluggish blog site. Eliminating junk codes can help your pages load faster and result in the improvement of your page speed. Try using HTML-Cleaner, an easy-to-use tool that does not require any coding knowledge to see and remove junk codes.

Mobile Responsiveness 

Mobile device searches make up for more than half of all of Google’s search traffic. Your blog site, on an individual level, might show similar trends as well. Optimizing your site for mobile users will be a huge factor that will affect your SEO metric. Industry experts suggest keeping your website simple. Most premade site themes are extremely mobile-friendly, so you need not make many extensive changes to your website. All you will need to do is tweak the CTA button and enlarge your site’s font size. The CTA buttons are the buttons you can use to guide users towards a relevant destination, which could be a landing page or a product page. Popular examples of CTA buttons are the ‘Buy Now’ buttons or the ‘Learn more’ buttons.

Index Date 

Search engines work towards showcasing the most relevant and accurate information available. Search engines use the data in their database to determine the most relevant answer to the search query. When a search engine finds content and adds it to its index, the process is called indexing. The page can then be retrieved and shown on the SERP when a user searches for keywords related to the indexed page.

Recent Data 

Recent data is an indirect SEO ranking factor that you must include in blog posts for better results. Recent data gives visitors relevant and accurate information, which makes for a positive reader experience. It helps when you include a link to a credible site that has original, up-to-date data, since it implies that you are telling the search engine that this site is helpful and relevant to your readers. You will also tell the search engine that the type of data on the site is related to the content you publish.

Optimize the above factors to boost your content

Indirect and direct SEO ranking factors are important for the ranking of your website on the SERP. Being visible to new users will ensure that your blog or business continues to grow. Relying solely on the best content is no longer the best strategy to attract visitors to your website. SEO is vital if you want to make your blog stand out from the rest. And to do that, you must know the different SEO factors search engines use to rank your website. By optimizing the above five factors, you can ensure that your users spend more time on your website reading content that is relevant and of their interest.

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