In today’s digital world, businesses need professional websites to grow their business. You must regularly maintain the website to keep it secure and available. Developers are often overwhelmed or caught up in different priorities when it comes to managing multiple websites at once. With the help of environmentally friendly website maintenance tools, you can eliminate routine work and improve your website maintenance skills. No matter what web development platform you use (Drupal, WordPress, or other custom web development), you want to maintain your website over and over again. As a developer providing a website maintenance provider, you need to ensure regular security updates and write a long-term website maintenance plan for your customers, especially after their first shared hosting plan is purchased.  


With this article, we will lay emphasis on the automation of the routine maintenance that one needs to do to save time managing their website and how to do the same for multiple websites.  This checklist brings awareness to those aspects which are critical, so grab a seat and keep reading. 


  1. Website Security 

Did you know that every 39 seconds there is a hacker attack? Website security can be an important goal that motivates you to provide timely location updates. Hackers are always on the lookout to exploit vulnerabilities in older WordPress variants and various CMS variants. That’s why CMS like WordPress is constantly updated. After fixing security and various points within the older model, they repeatedly launch new variants of their CMS. The same goes for third-party plugins. So, ensure that you are updating the security aspect of your site and scanning it for daily malware or viruses. This is a ritual you must begin with. 


  1. Performance

How do you feel every time you visit a website and it takes forever to load? According to a study, 37% of visitors leave if your website takes five seconds or more to load. New software versions include cleaner code and improved efficiency. You must update your website to take advantage of these enhancements within the base software program. You can test your website for efficiency points once you do an update. 


  1. User skills 

Upgrading your website and its performance is critical to keeping up with consumer expectations. New feature differences include new capabilities and performance. This allows you to present the current look of the site and improve the user experience.  


  1. Backup 

Backing up a site means making a copy of the site’s information in a separate folder. This will prevent knowledge loss during a full system restore. If your site is contaminated by a virus or any configuration is destroyed, you always have a backup to go back and restore the site.  


  1. Optimization 

For search engines websites that are up-to-date, and virus-free is highly effective. If you keep your website updated, the chances of your website ranking will increase. And who doesn’t need to get organic site visitors and show their business to the world? Now we all know how important it is to maintain a website and keep it up to date. But the task becomes difficult when you find yourself dealing with many buyers and many sites at the same time. 


Tips for managing multiple sites like a boss  


a) Plan better

One cannot stress enough the importance of good planning. Broken websites under maintenance can lead to embarrassment and poor buyer satisfaction. We know you always work under tight deadlines. Stay informed about your daily site monitoring and maintenance schedule. Prioritize and plan your work to get ahead. 


b) Have a to-do list ready 

To avoid redoing and wasting time, prepare a watch list for each website. Keep updating this page every time you perform maintenance on a particular website. Project management tools are equally useful for this. You can easily create task lists and templates specifically for web tasks.  


c) Communicate well 

The above monitoring sheet allows you to maintain clear communication with the consumer. It even allows you to update them with the latest location maintenance.  



Earnestly follow these rituals and we assure you that you will be on top of your game. Along with this, you can also learn how to reduce the response time of your website and add it as an important checking point for your routine. You can read an article about the same here.  


Hoping you have understood the importance of routine maintenance and how you can automate the same. If you have any doubts, please share in the comments section below.  


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