Running and owning an ecommerce website requires a team of dedicated professionals who are willing to do all it takes (and more!) to work towards the success of the business.  

From setup to marketing, from ideas to execution – as the ecommerce website owner your plate is all full! However, it’s impossible for you to take care of everything, all the time. Whether you have the skill or not, managing all aspects by yourself will lead to exhaustion, mistakes that could be avoided, or important aspects being neglected.  

Managed Hosting service is one of the key elements you could bring in to reduce the stress of responsibilities, while also being confident that experts are taking care of your hosting requirements. Managed hosting service is available as an add-on service with both VPS Hosting and Dedicated Server plans.  

What is Managed Hosting Service? 

It is a service provided by a web hosting provider, wherein, all the server needs are managed by the provider. From server and application setup to security services and optimization services – professionals manage all your requirements and ensure the good health and performance of your servers. Experts manage your server setup, maintenance, monitoring, migration, server hardening and all other technical support you may require.  

Ecommerce Website: Managed Hosting Benefits  

An ecommerce website needs 24/7 support and monitoring. Sound hosting for your ecommerce website is extremely crucial as it directly affects critical factors like security, speed, performance and accessibility. The server, network and database of an ecommerce website require constant supervision and any issue that may arise needs instant resolutions.  

Traffic surges, payment transactions, high-resolution images and videos, sensitive financial and personal data, backups, speed and accessibility are all key factors that make the needs of an ecommerce website more complex than other kinds of websites. This is the reason most ecommerce websites opt for VPS Hosting or Dedicated Servers. Keeping all this in mind, here are some advantages of managed hosting that allow ecommerce websites to not just survive but thrive in this highly digital world: 

Ecommerce Website Speed 

It’s no new news that fast websites rank better on search engines and customers prefer websites that are fast and responsive. This is especially true for ecommerce websites because customers like to quickly browse, shop and check out – the whole idea of ecommerce is quick convenience! As an ecommerce business, your website must be fast to aid shopping rather than lose customers because of a slow and sluggish website. Managed Hosting ensures your server is always up and running and makes your website blazing fast at all times.  

Data Security and Protection  

Customers on an ecommerce website share personal and financial information. It’s your responsibility to keep this information secure and protect it from all kinds of cyber threats. With Managed Hosting professionals ensure that your server and website is secure and protected, thus minimizing risks such as hacking, viruses, DDoS attacks, ransomware, data theft etc. This allows you to continue offering the best shopping experience and building trust with your customers.  

Availability and Accessibility  

As an ecommerce website, you’re expected to be available and accessible 24/7 to do business with. Your customers can be located anywhere across the globe and decide to shop at any hour of the day. To facilitate their shopping experience your website cannot be down or unavailable – you’ll lose business and the customers! Managed Hosting assures that your business remains up and running at all times and even if issues do occur there are experts who will instantly resolve them for you.  


While Managed Hosting may cost more than other traditional hosting plans, it really is more cost-effective! How? With Managed Hosting by your side, you don’t need to employ an in-house team to manage your servers or technical needs. Also, because your website’s performance and availability are stronger you won’t lose business or spend on getting the right resolutions. Thus, in the long run, Managed Hosting allows you to save unexpected costs in the future.  

On-Demand 24/7 Support 

With Managed Hosting for your ecommerce website, you get on-demand 24/7 support from your hosting provider. This support is not limited to resolving issues when the need arises but also offers constant server monitoring and 99.99% uptime guarantee.  

Technical Expertise and Server Specialists  

You get support from technical experts who can help you build, manage and maintain a robust hosting server. Apart from ensuring that your ecommerce website resides on a secure and stable server, you also get technical support for tasks like initial setup, website migration, server hardening, managing storage and all other server management.  

Customized Hosting Environment 

With Managed Hosting services you get assistance for application stack optimizations, 3rd party application installations, administrative control, full root access and many other advantages that allow you to build a completely personalized hosting ecosystem for your ecommerce website.  

Be a step ahead with Managed Hosting Services  

Prevention is better than cure…
An age-old saying that perfectly embodies the power of Managed Hosting. Managed Hosting is a preventive measure that protects you from future losses – both in terms of business and reputation. It ensures that you have sound technical support in case required, and also along the way. With Managed Hosting services you can focus on your business, while experts can take care of all your server needs.

When you’re looking for an ecommerce hosting provider, make sure you pick the right one so your customers can easily do business with you. Get Managed Hosting for your ecommerce website and get set for success. For more help, information and tips head to our Web Hosting tutorials page.  



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