Hello WordPress Creators,   

Bluehost Creators Awards are back again, this time we’re on the hunt for talent across the globe. Are you a WordPress geek? Are you a business owner and have built your own website? Do you love to create websites, blogs, themes, plugins, or anything and everything on WordPress? If yes, this one is for you. Showcase your talent by submitting your creation to Bluehost and stand a chance to be recognized as one of the top 20 WordPress creators globally.  

Bluehost is one of the top providers recommended by WordPress.org. Along with this we also believe in making the WordPress community grow and unleash the creativity in them. Whether you are a novice blogger or an experienced developer, WordPress caters to all. 

As WordPress continues to grow and expand, our community too is growing day by day. We believe in your creative talent and it’s time for you – our WordPress creators – to exhibit your talent to our esteemed panel of Jury members and get the recognition you deserve. There are cash prizes, free hosting, media exposure, and much more waiting to be yours!  

The Bluehost Creators Award is a way of acknowledging and rewarding talent across the world who are building creative and innovative online tools on WordPress to help the digital community. A newbie blogger, a small business owner, a web designer, developer, an expert, a student, or just about anyone – if you have built on WordPress, the contest is open for you to submit your creations. From the global entries, 20 candidates will make the defining list of the best WordPress creators, broken down into two categories — Creative Web Professionals (web designers/developers) and Self Creators (small business owners, bloggers, students)  

Still new and haven’t built a website too? This is the best time to get started – you can buy WordPress Hosting or use an easy drag-and-drop website builder from us and build your first website or blog to submit. 

Meet the Jury 

The jury is comprised of key influential members from the WordPress community such as Brian Richards – Event Producer at WPSessions, Jen Miller – CVO and Founder at Next Door Marketer, Maziar Firuzmand – CMO and Co-founder at Artbees, Shawn Hesketh – Founder at 101Videos, LLC, Rich Tabor – Head of Product at Extendify, and several others such as Carrie Dils, Tracy Apps, Mary Baum, Anthony Ferrara, Carol Stambaugh, Winstina, Yogesh Londhe, Alexander Gounder, etc.   

Submissions & Judging Criteria 

All submissions will be judged on three aspects:  

  • Creativity – How well your submission creatively communicates and makes your website shine 
  • Innovation – How ground-breaking and genuinely innovative your submission is  
  • User Experience – How simple and easy to use/navigate your creation is  


So, what’s in store for you, if you qualify as a winner? 

Are you ready to participate and submit your creation?  

Submissions are NOW OPEN, and the Last Date for Submissions is 16 August 2022. 

After review by our esteemed Jury members, we will announce the award winners on 18 November 2022.   

For FAQs, more details on our Jury members and to submit your applications head to the Bluehost Creators Awards page.   

We, at Bluehost, are excited to receive your submissions and celebrate the creator in you. All the best! 


H. Fatima used to be an Engineer by profession and Writer by passion until she started pursuing full-time digital marketing. She is presently a Content Marketeer at Newfold Digital (APAC). She mostly writes what she deeply perceives and analyses, it is her way of unwinding. Her interests include writing, reading, watching foreign-language cinema and public speaking.

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