Selecting a good web hosting service is a messy process. Messy because there are so many options, so many reviews and so many testimonials given that we often get confused and feel dizzy just by reading content on the internet one after the other.  


A simplified solution to this could be by starting to understand your own requirements when it comes to hosting. You may feel that you can spend a decent amount on your website but you also realize that security, safety, and dedicated resources are important to you. Also, you may have realized by doing your own research that you don’t need a huge server for just one website. In such cases, VPS hosting is the ideal deal.  


Don’t just take our word for it, VPS hosting has several benefits which outdo Shared server hosting and Dedicated servers too. Here is a list of the benefits of using VPS hosting- 


  1. Secure and cost-effective

With a VPS server, not everyone has access to the resources provided to you. Only you do. The security of your server is under your control and it is much better than shared since VPS has virtualized private layers to protect hosting environments.  

Also, choosing a VPS solution is cheaper than dedicated hosting because it uses the same resource sharing criteria. A basic VPS plan with the resources needed to operate and manage a basic website is quite affordable within any budget. 


  1. Scaling resources instantly

Extending hosting resources without any technical issues or downtime is very important for anyone creating a new business website. 


If you decide to host your website on a VPS server, your environment will be hosted on a so-called container. Containers are assigned to different sources depending on the package purchased. One of the best things about containers is that you can get rid of all the resources you need quickly and easily. In a nutshell, you will be renting a server with just the right amount of space and scale as you need more resources. This server is dedicated to your business and is almost equivalent to a dedicated server space but with resources as much as you need.  


  1. Total control over your resources

Deploying VPS gives you total root access. Without root access, we have a tendency to rely on the software packages that your hosting provider gives us. With root access, you have unhindered access to your hosting environment and you will be able to make any changes within your hosting environment if you want to.  


Additionally, you can install applications directly without having to ask your hosting provider. You can always consult them if you like, but consider you have that freedom. Also, you can completely customize and configure the security of your website. This includes installing firewalls, modifying system files, etc.  


  1. Improved performance

Unlike shared hosting plans, where dozens of users are sharing the same resources, on the same server in your business, VPS ensures that your enterprise hosting is still independent of other users. This is important because websites that share a plan can be affected by one another, which can cause operational problems. For example, if the shared server where your site is hosted received lots of traffic, it can affect other sites because all the resources will be utilized to cater to one site. Such is not the case with VPS. Your business site gets focused and concentrated traffic that does not disturb any other sites.  


  1. More reliable than shared hosting

Shared hosting is like a mountain of dominoes. And if a malicious user gets hands on this server, then they can destroy the entire server. This is so because like VPS servers, shared servers do not have a virtualized private layer that protects the hosting environment. Yes, there is security for shared servers but it is not enough. As we mentioned above, it can to some extent affect the performance of a website, similarly, it can also cause instability to your hosting because of server crashes. 


VPS hosting gives you more stability and reliability compared to shared hosting. In most cases, only a few servers are hosted on a single node. This ensures high productivity as well as uptime.  



In case you go for either, one can definitely say that choosing VPS hosting is a good investment in your business. Hoping that you have enjoyed reading this blog. Keep checking this space for such useful blogs. 


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