Every website needs a hosting plan, and the market is filled with hosting providers offering a range of hosting plans and services. These web hosting plans can be categorized according to types and therefore, offer varying features. The sheer number of plans, and their different features, make choosing a plan difficult. The difference in pricing can also, at times, tempt users to choose a plan that wouldn’t be sufficient for their needs. Understanding the costs involved in hosting a site is important as it involves a lot of technical aspects. The variation in cost is significantly based on how much power a hosting plan offers to your website.

The cost for hosting can range from a few hundred rupees to eight or ten thousand rupees a month. And they are priced based on what you are offered.

When you are new to hosting, it is common to overlook the need for good hosting and focus more on the cost. Going solely by pricing could cause you to overlook the features offered by other plans. Hence, it is essential to understand and evaluate the types of plans along with their costs.

Hosting Plans and their costs
Shared hosting plan

In shared hosting, multiple users share space on a single server. All the sites that are hosted on the server share the resources and storage. This makes shared hosting affordable. It is best for small websites that receive a minimal amount of traffic (about 500 visitors per day). However, if you were to, say, witness a large spike in traffic, your website could crash. Therefore, shared hosting plans will not suit big businesses and websites that witness a significant amount of traffic.

Shared hosting plans are perfect for those just starting out and expecting limited visitors. While different hosting companies offer different plans, Bluehost offers four shared hosting plans that have been curated by experts to cater to different needs. The hosting plans cost very little, ranging from a few hundred rupees to over a thousand rupees per month. These plans also come with unlimited disk space, preventing you from worrying about storage size. Click here to view our shared hosting plans.

VPS hosting plan
VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting splits a virtual server into separate sections. In this type of hosting, the resources will be shared amongst other websites on the server, but with certain limits.

Your website will be allocated a set amount of RAM, CPU and storage. Hence, the resources being consumed by one website on the server will not affect the others. This gives you better performance and increased stability. You can also customise the operating system in VPS, which provides better security.

VPS hosting is appropriate for those who are looking to move beyond a shared hosting plan but are not ready for a dedicated hosting plan. Most VPS hosting plans come with premium features and free benefits. Bluehost offers three tiers of VPS hosting plans, each with its own features and benefits. At a cost of a few thousand rupees a month, you can enjoy the benefits of our VPS hosting plans. Based on what plan you choose, the amount of RAM allocated to you will be 2GB, 4 GB, or 8 GB. For maximum power, you can go for our Ultimate VPS Hosting Plan which offers 4 CPU cores. Know more about our VPS hosting plans here.

Dedicated hosting plan
With dedicated hosting, the entire server is devoted to you. Your website has to itself all the server resources, including the processing power and storage. This plan provides the highest levels of security and customisation. Advanced users with unrestricted access can perform customisations via the full root access provided.

Dedicated hosting is for those who have an established business and are expecting huge volumes of traffic. It is also perfect for those who want the best security possible.

Bluehost offers three dedicated hosting plans, with varying levels of performance, features, and costs. The hosting plans cost a few thousand rupees per month and are on the higher end when compared to plans of other hosting types. You can enjoy a bandwidth starting from 5 TB and going up to 15 TB. Also, the higher your choice of plan, the more IP addresses you get. For more details on our dedicated hosting plans, click here.

Through our plans, we focus on offering more value and power to your website. With our plans, you get to enjoy the following key features:

    • Automatic daily malware scan


    • Free Domain (for 1 year)


    • Free SSL certificate


    • Full root access


    • One-click installs


    Free SEO tools

If you’re looking to avail these features at the lowest possible prices, try out the plans offered by Bluehost.

Simply put, your need defines how much you would have to pay to host your website. We hope this helps you understand the cost of hosting plans.

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