An e-commerce store is a great way to take your business online. Now, more than ever with the boost in the e-commerce industry, accessing the needs of your customers and offering the right solutions can help you grow your online business. Irrespective of the kind of products you sell be it clothing, household items, groceries, tech products or anything else you can easily take your business online! 


One of the quickest ways to start your online store is to create a website, add your product inventory to the store and promote it on different online platforms. Along with this, it is equally important to cater to the specific needs of your customers by offering them a seamless experience and customer service. 


Bluehost offers the right tools for you to set up your online store. With Bluehost’s e-commerce hosting you can build, manage, and sell products from your online store with ease, as well as, provide them with a good shopping experience. 


Through powerful e-commerce hosting, powered by Woocommerce, enhanced store building experience, the latest Razorpay integration and intelligent plugins that assist with billing, managing inventory, shipping, checkout security, marketing and more, Bluehost is here to equip your e-commerce store with everything you need to succeed. Many of our customers have harnessed the power of e-commerce hosting by building and selling online. 


The most popular types of e-commerce stores selling are: 

  • Physical goods 
  • Catalog
  • Digital products 
  • Services
  • Marketplaces 


Here’s how you can start your e-commerce journey too!


Physical Goods 

An online store is a perfect way to start selling physical goods online. Physical goods can range from skincare products to groceries to hardware parts and accessories, and more. Basically, any product that needs to be delivered to the customer in person. 


We have plugins to build high functionality for your e-commerce store, allowing you easy:

  • Store management: Discount Code feature- this WooCommerce feature helps you improve your sales by creating custom discount codes with promotions specific to your website
  • Store & checkout experience: Enhance your store experience with widgets & plugins like Currency converter, product add-ons (allows users to add products without leaving their cart), and more
  • Billing & payment: Accepts multi-currency through Currency Converter Widget, and supports various payment options like Stripe, Razorpay, and more.
  • Shipping: FedEx & UPS shipping providers to ship to customers irrespective of whether they are domestic or international 



If your business is all about offering digital catalogs viz. marketing portfolio services, advertising, interior decor designs and more, you can build an online store to expand your customer base. 


To easily display catalogs on your online store so that you can connect to your customers offline, you can make use of the following plugins:


  • Marketing plugins including SEO Tools and Creative Mail viz. to provide enhanced search engine rankings, and drafting eye catching transactional email campaigns for your customers 
  • Security & Performance: Install security solutions like Codeguard, SiteLock, and SSL certificate to keep your website secure from malicious attacks


Digital Products

If you want to sell digital products like software, graphics, templates, plugins and more, basically anything and everything related to the digital world, we offer world class plugins and features to help you get started. Moreover, digital products are usually offered on a subscription basis to handle these subscriptions with ease. For this you can install plugins like WooCommerce subscription that allows you to manage recurring payments, renewals, billing and more.


To support your Digital Products online store, you can use plugins for payment and registration like:

  • Billing & payments: Woocommerce Subscriptions, Software Add-ons, payment options like Razorpay, and more 
  • Manage Registrations: Sensei Woocommerce Courses enables you to easily manage user registrations and payments on your website itself without having customers to leave your site



If you provide service to your customers either online or offline, an online store can help you showcase your expertise. Some of the services your business offers could be haircuts, design services, pet grooming etc. 


Usually service oriented businesses aim to book appointments with their customers, we offer plugins like WooCommerce Bookings for ease of booking and scheduling appointments, one-time payment options and subscription plans to suit the needs of your customers. 


Some of the plugins that you can install to build your service oriented online store are: 

  • WooCommerce Bookings for easily booking & scheduling an appointment 
  • Store & checkout experience via currency converter widget, WooSlider to control slideshows, if any, and product add-ons plugin
  • Keeping your customers updated about events and product launches through Creative Mail email solution to up your email marketing strategy  



An online marketplace is a booming business these days, irrespective of whether you sell physical products or digital products from various vendors. If you want to build a marketplace online store, we’ve made it simple for you to set up your online store.


To build your online marketplace we offer plugins and features like:

  • One-time payment method
  • Store management features like Discount Codes for custom promotional codes
  • Improve search rankings
  • Easy checkout through Stripe and Razorpay
  • Complex products and, 
  • Importing custom data through the Product CSV Suite plugin

Get Online & Sell Today

Setting up an online store might seem like a daunting task especially when it comes to customising it as per your niche. However, with the Bluehost online store, you can design various websites easily and offer a seamless shopping experience to your customers with multiple easy to install plugins like Product Add-Ons, Creative Mail, FedEx Shipping, and payment options like Stripe, Razorpay and more. 

Sign up with Bluehost today, and build a powerful online store of your dreams!

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to drop them below. For more, visit our Web Hosting Category page.


H. Fatima used to be an Engineer by profession and Writer by passion until she started pursuing full-time digital marketing. She is presently a Content Marketeer at Newfold Digital (APAC). She mostly writes what she deeply perceives and analyses, it is her way of unwinding. Her interests include writing, reading, watching foreign-language cinema and public speaking.

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