Let us say that you have been entrusted with responsibility by your company. And that is looking at the SEO of your brand’s website. Managing SEO is a task even if you are an expert in the field. But it takes more than expertise to manage the SEO project of any brand or company. At times you could be occupied with many tasks which are not SEO-related but are important for the website.  This could create confusion and impact the SEO objectives of the business.  


This is why it is important to have a proper manager who can supervise the SEO project very well. With an SEO Manager, you can set the right goals, execute your plan and vision, and manage the SEO project without any hiccups. Hence, with this tutorial, we seek to educate you about the effectiveness of SEO project management, having a managed SEO provider, meaning and importance with a handful of tips. So, without further delay, here we go.  


What is SEO project management and why is it important? 

That’s right: project management for SEO. This includes managing and coordinating each SEO-related project.  


For understanding purposes, let’s look at an example project. Your business may want to take control of all the content on your blog and optimize your blog posts for your favorite keywords. You can jump right into identifying keywords and recovering random blog posts. However, this kind of random approach is nothing but counterproductive – not to mention stressful.  


You may forget about some blog posts and you may be able to optimize multiple posts for the same purpose and cannibalize your own keywords. This is a sure-shot recipe for a disaster. However, SEO project management brings a certain necessary organization and structure to your SEO-related projects in order to be as efficient and effective as possible. 


This is why SEO project management is essential. It is not possible to establish a functional relationship with clients without project management. Effective project management brings your SEO team a number of key benefits, from stress and health to managing communication and expectations. In addition, it creates a deeper relationship with your clients. 


Some useful tips for effective project management 

Understand this- one can manage the SEO of a website only when they understand SEO well, have a clear goal, and a plan as to how to achieve their goal by breaking it down into smaller objectives and keeping themselves abreast with the latest practices. But between all this, there is quite a bit that you need to know so that you can manage the whole project properly. Here are a few tips for the same 


  1. Using effective tools for SEO management- To start with, knowing which tools are right for you with respect to your objective is key. Go through plans for ahrefs and semrush to understand what they have to offer and make sure that you know which keywords to target to pull more traffic to your website. Once you know which tool to use, you will get all the data that you want when it comes to keywords, volume, backlinks, etc. This will serve as a foundation to your plans and ideas, in turn helping you to manage your website’s SEO effectively. 

  2. Set concrete and achievable goals- SEO can send you into a rabbit hole. You can quickly identify many keywords that you can optimize as a set of pages on your site that need to load faster. That’s why it’s important to start every SEO project with a clear, measurable goal. For example, you can increase traffic to a specific blog post by 25%. Or you may want to get 100 new backlinks at the end of the first quarter. These types of goals give you something specific that you need to do to avoid distractions. In addition, it provides the basis for success. You have something to measure so you know when to pay for your efforts or when to change strategies.

  3. Do regular catchups and meetings to supervise goals- Understand that setting goals and implementing plans is not enough. You must have regular calls, meetups, and catchups to supervise your marketing and SEO team whether where you are going is making sense or not. Most importantly, weekly catchups and meetings allow everyone to bring forth important aspects and highlight points and burning issues that need to be taken care of immediately. 

  4. Use the FCOL principle- The FCOL principle, ( forecasting, communicating, organizing, and leading) is a key aspect of any effective project management and not just SEO. Ensuring that you are following these key management traits will help you not just manage the project but meet your objectives and deadlines with ease. 



Climbing to the top positions in search engine results is not easy and it does not happen by accident. You need a solid strategy and an organized approach to ensure that you successfully do a managed SEO campaign and achieve your goals. That’s why managing SEO projects is so important. Instead of focusing on random keywords or losing track of your backlinks, approach your SEO projects in a straightforward and orderly manner. Result? Less stress, more successful projects, and probably better search engine rankings. 


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