Let’s be honest, everyone wants to rank no.1 on Google for important keywords. Ranking in the top 3 has been a priority because the URL that ranks first on Google, is said to pull almost 33% of traffic to the page. Now, say, for instance, you are targeting a very important keyword with a high volume, say 60,000 in a month which is generic but most relevant to your category, 33% of this is 19,800. 19,800 visitors a month only on a single page is huge. Just imagine for a business if you are able to pull so much traffic, how positive it could be for the business.  

Ranking no.1 on Google is possible but really hard. With that being said, we want to share some really effective tips with you when it comes to SEO management so that your site’s pages rank no.1 on Google. So, here you go. 

SEO management Tips to Rank 1 on Google

Tip#1 Understand your competition 

This is key to your performance in SEO. Understanding your competition and which keywords they are targeting helps you understand how much work you need to do in order to rank 1 and for which keywords. Start off by analyzing them with SEO tools like SEMrush or Ahrefs. They will help you understand which page ranks for the top spot and or which keyword. You will also get an analysis of the backlinks and how much effort is taken on each one of them. Not to mention the content they are doing and the keyword density (which tells you how hard it will be to rank 1 for a particular keyword). Starting with this will help you understand the effort, time, and game plan you need for your website to rank 1 for particular keywords. Having a reputed managed SEO provider will help you take your goals to fruition. So, ask them for a sound plan and start off.  

Tip#2 Publish relevant and unique content 

One of the biggest problems companies and brands make is that they rewrite content that is already written on the internet by their competitors. This only gives users a rehash of something that is already out there and not a fresh take on a topic that exists. Google has forever said that it’s the E-A-T phenomenon (Expertise-Authoritativeness-Trustworthiness) that will help any website rank better if the content is written with authority and has enough experience coming from its own expertise. Publishing unique content will not only help you be relevant to your audience but also stay on the top of the rankings because of your content’s freshness.  

Tip#3 Make technical SEO your friend 

Technical factors matter a lot in the SEO world and the management of SEO on the whole. For a page to be requested, it needs to be able to be crawlable, indexable, and most importantly have a page speed good enough that it can open when clicked within a second or two. This is because Google considers these factors important for SEO and user experience. A mix of these factors is what gets into the technical bucket of SEO which many ignore or feel is too difficult to understand. But that is not the case. Even if it is a tad bit hard t understand, rope in an expert managed SEO provider to help you with the same. It is better to get a firm grip over this than to lose out on it totally.  

Tip#4 Leverage digital PR 

Digital PR is like giving social signals about your content and keyword optimized website that this website or the pages belonging to this website are advocated by third parties too. This activity boosts your website’s rankings and helps you stay on top of Google’s ranking. Tabloids, digital newspapers, and outlets have thought authority that can be leveraged and with Digital PR, if you can shoot a blog or article linking it back to your website or giving a sponsored content link, the social signal sent for your website will be very strong and effective.  

As we close 

Don’t forget the basics like Meta descriptions, keyword optimization, alt-tags, title tags, and schema tags. and snippets as practices. Also, AMP pages help you with page speed. These practices must be a part of your website’s SEO-dna.  

Here is hoping you have enjoyed reading this article. If you have any questions of doubts, please share them in the comments section below.  


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