We’ve got all the festive feels and so should you!

This festive season, we decided to do something special for our customers. Our Bluehost WordPress Services Team offers Website Design services through which we build custom websites. We decided to give one of our customers the opportunity to gift a fully functional website hosted with us to a talented, special person of their choice. Through a lucky draw, we selected the granddaughters of renowned Padma Shri and Padma Bhushan Hindustani classical musician, Dr. N. Rajam, who wanted to celebrate their grandmother’s achievements with this token of appreciation. Dr. Rajam now has a website to curate the treasure trove of music that she has shared with the world, spread across several online platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, Gaana, Jiosaavn, etc.  

In collaboration with the Bluehost WordPress Services Team and Dr. Rajam’s daughter, Sangeeta Shankar and granddaughters Ragini and Nandini Shankar (all renowned musicians themselves), the website was built over a few weeks based on their requirements. Through text, images, videos, songs, press clippings and links to her violin school, the family shared Dr. Rajam’s life story and legacy to be curated on her own website- 

“Our grandmother is one of the most highly respected musicians in our country today. She has paved the way for how Hindustani violin sounds today. We are blessed and honored to be her granddaughters. She has showered us with so much love. More than anything, she has given us the most important knowledge of music and the beauty that it brings with it.” says Nandini Shankar. 

“I was scrolling through Instagram one day and I saw the ad for the giveaway and I thought why not surprise my grandmother with a website- her life is worth celebrating! She’s legendary in the field of Hindustani classical music. I filled in the form and didn’t expect to get a call back. We’re really happy to be able to give her such a beautiful gift” says Nandini Shankar. 

The Bluehost team had the opportunity to capture the moment that the website was unveiled to Dr.Rajam by her family. The website was a complete surprise to Dr. Rajam. To everyone’s delight, Dr.Rajam walked in wearing a saree similar to the one on the home page of her new website! Her family asked her to type her domain name into the browser and she was delighted at the outcome. She scrolled through each section of the website, stopping to reveal more connected stories at each old photograph or video.  

“The whole process of working on the website was beautiful. The dream finally became a reality because Nandini and I had been talking and thinking about it. It was finally this festive season that it finally came to fruition. We had several sessions with the Bluehost team over these weeks to craft how a viewer visiting the website for the first time would get to know so much of her work and her life just through the website,” says Ragini Shankar, adding “My grandmother has been celebrated not just in India but all over the world, she has a lot of foreign students, people all over the world listen to her music so what better medium than a website to present her life to so many people across the world.”  

“She’s not someone who believes in glorifying oneself, but I’m sure her heart will be warmed by the gesture and she will appreciate it. The photos will definitely take her back in time” says Nandini Shankar. 

“We’re very happy with it. It really depicts each step of her life journey. Her website has all her little victories and precious moments with family and others. It’s really a celebration of her life,” says Ragini Shankar. 

“The Bluehost team was so lovely, everyone was so co-operative. We thoroughly enjoyed the process. Normally, websites take so long to get made but this was done in 10-15 days. You can see the result today is a beautiful website and we’re all really proud and happy.”  

“It was a pleasant surprise. I never expected it. It’s a really beautiful thing that they’ve made. They’ve covered even minute details. A beautiful gift,” says Dr. Rajam. 

For the Bluehost team, it was a privilege to be a part of this significant moment for her. “It was a privilege to build a website for Dr.Rajam, who’s done so much in the Hindustani music space.” says Vinayak Boga from Bluehost.  

“We love building websites for our clients, we love learning about them, their personality, their work and crafting an online presence for them, says Chhaya Soni from Bluehost who also sums up our mission, “We want everyone to have their own website without having to worry about how to set it up.” 

Everyone deserves an online presence and Bluehost is ready to go the extra mile to help you every step of the way with an online presence. Gift a loved one a website this festive season, and showcase their talent, business or legacy for everyone to see!



Amrita Konaiagari is the Team Lead for Content Marketing at Endurance International Group (APAC). She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai and a Master’s Degree in Communication & Journalism from the Mumbai University. She has 9 years of experience in Digital Marketing. She has a passion for home decor and hopes to one day be a book author.

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