If you have a simple website, one of the most important steps is to restart the Apache httpd web server. This usually happens when: Updating a web server configuration file. Actually, httpd itself is confusing and boring. The trick is to restart Apache without restarting the Linux CentOS server. You need a dedicated or virtual private server (VPS) to get started. From there you can use the service command. Read more below. high degree of service 


There are maybe a few ways to start httpd, but we recommend using the service command. The main advantage of a CentOS server is that the service will continue to run even if you switch to a dedicated HTTP server like ginx.  


By the way, the Apache httpd script uses the apachectl command. However, apachectl does not run in /sbin/service, which may confuse the system administrator. CentOS documentation is a good choice for apachectl and services. How to restart Apache on a VPS or hosted server 


Apache httpd is easily restarted on a virtual private server (VPS) or hosted on a popular CentOS distribution. But to avoid confusion later, we recommend that you follow a few steps:  


 1.Get root access with sudo 

Sudo stands for “superuser” and provides access to commands that require superuser (root) rights. Since you’re not logged in as root (you shouldn’t!), you need sudo to grant root privileges to services that require root privileges. sudo /rotate/httpd. servant. The service command is used to start, stop or configure services such as httpd. 


 2.Use Agile to start closing the chain

 The above option causes httpd to restart, showing all child processes running the current task. When all child processes (using HTTP requests) complete their work, they are killed. Child processes that do not want the service are killed immediately. 


 3.Restart Apache httpd server

Apache httpd server is restarted after all threads are closed. This means re-reading the config file to ensure a clean and fresh boot. Usually, the entire shutdown/restart process will be inactive for a few milliseconds. How to use stop orders instead of drag orders? 


Graceful is not the only way to restart httpd service. You can also use the stop command. sudo /spin/httpd stop service 


Be careful not to kill all child processes at once. This can cause end-user crashes. Graceful is a good choice for business class servers. It is easier for users to abruptly delete the centerline of the client. Many administrators, especially developers, use time to crash servers.


 a. Restart Apache httpd with the stop command

When the httpd server is stopped, restart it by doing the following: httpd sudo /sbin/service. 

 b. Order together

You can combine these two commands in one order. This is because it restarts after killing all Apache httpd subprocesses. sudo /spin/service restart httpd 



Here is hoping you have understood how to restart apache server without rebooting linux. Whichever method you choose, the process is very simple. Even if you are using a dedicated server, you can follow the same. In case there is something you have not understood, post your questions or queries in the comments section below.  


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