For anyone who wants to start a blog or even get online with a business website, shared hosting is a suggested solution for hosting the site because you can build traffic steadily from the ground up. Most importantly, it works in favor of those who don’t have much budget in the beginning but can then scale to advanced plans once they start monetizing through their website or blog.  


As a beginner, you may or may not have a full idea of how shared hosting works and how it can benefit you right from the start. But worry not. With this article, you will understand how shared hosting actually works and what are its benefits as a user of the same. So, if you want to read further, sit tight and take notes.  


What is Shared hosting and how does Shared hosting work?  

Shared hosting is a web hosting service that allows multiple sites to use the same server. You may be wondering how is it even possible? The answer is simple: the need for a limited budget and resources. The server can host more than one website. Therefore, allocating resources to multiple users significantly reduces server maintenance costs for every user. But before you dive into shared hosting, let’s understand how shared servers and hosting work. 


Whenever you type the URL of a website into your browser, the browser’s default attempt is to find a server on which that website is hosted. If the browser has already recognized the server, it sends an HTTP request message to the server requesting information and data to find the website. 


The process described is the same as for shared hosting. The only difference is that one server is responsible for storing/hosting data for multiple websites at the same time. 


Think of shared hosting as a building with multiple apartments. The apartment is the website, the building itself is the server and the people only want to achieve one goal: online success. They all use the same resources provided by the building- like electricity, water, living space, etc. But what each one needs is different from the other because they can afford only as much because of budget limitations. So, people within the building end up sharing these resources. The same philosophy can be applied to shared hosting and shared servers. One has to share the server. Many people prefer it because shared hosting is the cheapest option among all the web hosting solutions. 


What are the benefits of shared hosting?  

One of the reasons people choose shared hosting is because of its budget, but here are some additional benefits that work like magic for its deployers.  


  1. No web hosting experience is required
    You don’t have to be a web hosting genius or an expert to manage shared hosting or even purchase. In general, you must be consistent with your blog or your business website in order to take full advantage of a shared hosting plan. For example, if you know a little about your CMS. WordPress can do so much more. But you really don’t have to know about web hosting as such. 
  2. No technical knowledge required
    Shared hosting is a type of hosting that literally starts up. You can expect to start sharing hosting very soon because everyone does not require any technical knowledge. You can purchase a shared hosting plan from your trusted provider and set up your own without consulting or consulting. Because the essence of shared hosting is just that – get everyone and all their websites to the internet as quickly as possible. 
  3. Very easy to upgrade
    Upgrading to a shared hosting plan is very easy. You will be able to upgrade your resources to the next plan as the highest (advanced) plan to get more traffic to your site. Keep in mind that being easy to upgrade doesn’t mean you can get the most traffic or even cheaper. The price will vary from provider to provider for different plans, but it is certain that you will not encounter a hiccup upgrading your plans. 


Hoping you have understood how shared hosting works and what are its benefits. In case of any queries, please share your questions in the comments section below.


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