Information is available and accessible everywhere you look. Its importance cannot be overstated, especially for new businesses, which can use the right information to enhance workflow and improve customer experience. But what if such valuable information ends up in the wrong hands? Information leaks can lead to cyberattacks, data breaches and the misuse of personal details, costing organisations millions. 

Hackers can gather a company’s data by accessing the details used to register the domain name for a business website. One can effectively prevent this from happening with domain privacy protection.

What is domain privacy protection?

Most IT professionals think their data is prone to cyberattacks and data breaches, despite their preventive measures. An additional layer of protection used by many IT professionals is domain privacy protection

While registering a domain name, the WHOIS database stores your personal information and records your details (such as email ID, IP address, and more). WHOIS is a database possessing contact and registration information for domain names. Domain registrars provide domain privacy protection to protect your data in the Whois records from unauthorised people. 

Why is domain privacy protection important?

Domain privacy protection will guarantee that your personal information is inaccessible to the public, maintaining privacy, and protecting you from identity theft.

Here’s more detail on why you should consider domain privacy protection as an essential service.

1) Protection of your personal information

Domain privacy protection ensures that critical information, such as your company address, phone numbers, and email addresses, is encrypted and not accessible through public records. Due to this, hackers will find it challenging to collect any information and misuse it.

2) Prevention of scams or spam calls and emails

Email phishing is where hackers can pose as a legitimate company to get your employees to open fake emails that could compromise your data. Protecting your email ID and phone number drastically reduces the chances of attacks such as email phishing and spam calls. It also helps in preventing unwanted solicitation calls and emails.

3) Prevention of providing an advantage to the competition

Your competitors can use your domain name registration to gain a better understanding of your business and its operation. Brands that want to counter your unique advantages and occupy your market share can use your personal information to your disadvantage.

4) Prevention of selling personal information

Without domain privacy protection, anyone can collect private information from your company and sell it to a third-party provider. These providers will then sell this information to marketers and organisations to send you a constant stream of spam emails and phone calls.


Although domain privacy isn’t mandatory, spending a few bucks on it could save you time and trouble down the road. A domain privacy protection plan can ensure that your personal information cannot be accessed by hackers or spammers. It can give a significant boost to your online security. Since personal information is close to being priceless for wrongdoers and your competition, investing in its protection is always the right move. You can opt for domain privacy protection when registering for a domain name on Bluehost.

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