A Control Panel is to Web Hosting as a Supermarket is to Groceries — basically, a single platform/location that gives you everything you need. 

Just like when you go to a supermarket you can buy all your essentials from food to other household items to keep your house running, when you log in to your Control Panel you can access everything you need and perform necessary functions to keep your web hosting running. 

And just like there are many globally recognized brand names when it comes to supermarkets, there are many Control Panel options to reckon with as well. 

The cPanel Control Panel is probably one of the most widely used, recognized and preferred control panels for web hosting. It is built around the very versatile Linux Operating System and comes with a vast range of features that allow users to build and maintain a strong digital presence. 

cPanel has been the go-to web hosting control panel solution for over 20 years now. If you’re new to cPanel control panel, let’s take a look at the four most notable features that make it so widely used and preferred. 

cPanel Control Panel Features 

The three pillars that make cPanel Control Panel so powerful and popular are:

  • Reliability
  • Compatibility
  • Performance

cPanel is known to be one of the most reliable web hosting solutions, ensuring your website is always up and running. Not only that, with the features of cPanel you get the best of website performance. It has in-built solutions that detect performance issues and give access to features that allow for error-free performance. Additionally, it is compatible with a range of browsers as well as 3rd party software; so whether you’re running an e-commerce website, a basic or a dynamic website the cPanel Control Panel is compatible with all and allows you to run efficiently. 

Let’s now take a look at 4 important features of cPanel:

1. Easy Installation and Ease-of-Use

The easy installation and ease-of-use are probably two of the biggest reasons that make cPanel Control Panel the preferred choice of web hosting solution for people across the globe. With very limited space requirements one can easily install it to one’s computer and then the intuitive graphical interface allows you to perform simple as well as complex tasks in just a few clicks. You don’t need advanced technical know-how or invest in a large IT team to install and manage your cPanel account. 

2. Enhanced Website Maintenance

Security and performance are probably the most critical aspects for a website and cPanel gives you the right tools and features for both. cPanel gives you the required solutions for secure website maintenance, the ability to install/uninstall extensions, block/allow specific IPs, create protected passwords and a lot more. 

3. Dynamic Database Management

cPanel allows websites to run just the way they want to, or need to! It’s not just another control panel that expects all websites to run exactly the same way! So, how is cPanel dynamic? With the cPanel control panel you can easily configure the system to work exactly like how you need it to and even design your MySQL database; create or modify tables as per your needs. Additionally, you can easily import files to your database and further access the PHPMyAdmin feature to backup your database. 

4. Versatile Email Solutions

Email communication — internal and external — is an integral part of all businesses today. The cPanel Control Panel comes with many email solutions that allows you to modify/design email accounts, add/remove people, create email forwarding lists, filter spam emails, change/protect passwords and a lot more. You can easily create a professional brand image for your business/website with easy-to-use email solutions and features that allow you to create strong communication. 

Bring in the Power of cPanel Control Panel

With reliability, performance and compatibility being the foundation of the cPanel Control Panel, it goes without saying that it’s built to help you succeed. 

cPanel is a dynamic and versatile control panel that can be easily used by website owners who want control and flexibility to run their website just the way they want to. Without needing in-depth technical knowledge you can easily manage vital tasks, monitor your website performance and bring in the power of the many features that come with the cPanel. 

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