With social media and blogging becoming more and more popular as a means of earning money or even making a career, there is a rise in the number of bloggers every year. In fact, even the words written per blog have been growing every year. This just goes to show that blogging is in much demand and hence, the need to put a blog in place for readers. Hence, web hosting has become even more important and especially shared hosting since it caters to bloggers and small websites.  


With this article, we will understand how shared hosting is good for blogs and how it helps bloggers. 


What is important for bloggers and why shared hosting is good for them?  

Any blogger needs to get online quickly and most importantly be ready with content and its hosting platform. Hence, certain aspects of shared hosting are key when it comes to getting online for bloggers. Let us look at them one by one-  


  1. Security: Website security is important. We don’t want to be hacked, and if we have a lot of customers or users, we don’t want their information to be hacked.  Check for the types of security features available that are given by your shared hosting provider. A good shared hosting plan ensures that security is taken care of with malware scans on daily basis. 

  2. SSL Certificate: SSL certificates help encrypt your data. So if you have https in your url (something like that) you can be assured that it is because of SSL and that the blog site is secure. If you run an online store, there’s no doubt that at a time when Google focuses on safe websites, it’s worth starting with links.

  3.  Pricing: Shared hosting is really affordable. So in essence, you as a blogger will surely get a plan that is affordable. But ensure that you know your renewals and charges in advance.

  4.  Backup: Make sure your hosting provider offers backup options. It is very important that you always maintain your website. 

  5. Customer Service: When you start building your website, or even a blog, ensure that you have a hosting facilitator with good customer service. Having a good customer service is a sign of a wanting to maintain customer relationships. 

  6.  Email: If you want to get a professional email address in the same domain as the URL, take the opportunity to add a host to your email with a shared hosting plan.  

  7.  Stability: You don’t want your website to crash. Hence, it is important to work with a reliable hosting company that gives your shared plan stability with its servers. 


Since shared hosting provides the aforementioned benefits to bloggers with its plans, it is easy for bloggers to make the most of shared hosting.  


Understand this- a shared hosting plan will provide you these benefits but before doing this homework, you also ought to know some critical things about starting a blog with shared hosting. Here is a list of some useful tips before you get going-  


  1. On which platform do you want to create your blog? For example, use WordPress since it is preferred by bloggers all around the world.

  2. When are there times you expect heavy traffic? For example, a big sale can bring thousands of other people to your site, so you want a hosting environment that can manage this. A slightly advanced shared hosting plan can do that.

  3. What is your budget? At the end of the day, you should be able to pay for your hosting. If you want to move your budget to your monthly expenses, price can be a big factor to get started. 


Other factors include your data, security but that will be covered by your shared hosting plan once it gets decided. 



With this, we hope that you as a blogger know everything that has to be known before you purchase a shared hosting plan and why it is good for you. If you have questions around this, please share them in the comments section below.


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