Introducing the WordPress Migration Plugin by Bluehost. Now easily automate the migration of WordPress websites, hosted with 3rd party providers, to Bluehost.  

Bluehost is recommended by WordPress. It is a reliable, secure and comprehensive place to host, build, manage and do much more with your WordPress websites.  

With the all-new Bluehost WordPress Site Migration plugin, in just a few steps you can be a part of the Bluehost family! So, how does this work?

The Bluehost WordPress Migration will scan your existing WordPress website to quickly validate that it’s eligible for free migration onto the Bluehost platform. If your website is eligible for migration, you can easily follow the on-screen prompts to complete your migration journey. In case your website is not eligible, you can reach out to our Migration Support team, and they will assist you through the migration journey.  

Automated Migration is only for 1 Free WordPress website that is both compatible and eligible. To migrate more than one WordPress website, you can reach out to the support team via phone or chat, and they will assist you with manual migrations.  

Let’s get started!  

The first step is a quick compatibility check, where the following parameters are checked:  

  1. We check the domain name to ensure it is a WordPress website. 
  1. The plug-in checks for your WordPress website version, website size, database size, use of WordPress multisite, current secure plugins, and PHP version.  

Additionally, to be eligible for the automated migration, the following compatibility conditions must be met: 

  • Domain does not exist in any account on Bluehost OR Domain exists only in the destination account of the migration
  • Destination account is not a multi-host account
  • Destination account is not on Basic Plan
  • The source account is not on Bluehost
  • Backup files do not trigger any errors  

If any of the above conditions are not met the migration will failover to the hybrid (semi-automated) migration.  

The Bluehost WordPress Site Migration Does Not Support: 

  • Internal transfers from Bluehost-to-Bluehost site 
  • Paid migrations 
  • More than 1 free migration 
  • Incompatible sites 

All right, now that we know the compatibility and eligibility parameters, let us look at the steps to complete the WordPress Migration for your website onto the Bluehost platform.  

Steps to Migrate your WordPress Website via the Bluehost Site Migration Plugin 

Once you’ve checked the eligibility and compatibility criteria, head to the Bluehost WordPress Migration page and follow these steps to start the migration.  

The first step is to click on ‘I Need to Migrate My Site

Now, enter the domain you want to transfer:

Please Note: If you have multiple Bluehost accounts, please make sure you’re logged into the account you want to transfer your site to before initiating the migration. 

Make sure that you confirm the account that you want to migrate your website to 

Once you have entered your domain name and confirmed your account, the plugin will run a quick compatibility check. If your WordPress website is compatible with automated migration, you will see this screen: 

Follow the instructions and login into your WP Admin account

Now we need to first Install the Bluehost Site Migrator Plugin:

Now, Activate It: 

It is time to make sure your website is eligible by checking for the other compatibility conditions!  

Click on Check Compatibility  

If your website is compatible, this screen should show up, prompting you to Start Transfer:

Note: If your website is Not Compatible, you will be prompted to get in touch with the Migration Support team.  

After the successful transfer of your website, you’re now a part of the Bluehost Family! 

Yes, that’s how easy, fast and quick it is!  

Ready to Migrate your website with the Bluehost Site Migration Plugin?  

The Bluehost Migration plugin is an easy, fast, and secure way to migrate your existing WordPress website from a 3rd party provider to Bluehost’s reliable platform. The free automated migration allows you to easily migrate one website as long as it matches the compatibility and eligibility criteria.  

Don’t worry! If you still need assistance or are facing compatibility issues, reach out to our Migration Support team and they’ll help you migrate your website manually.  

It doesn’t end there! If you want added support to build, manage and grow your WordPress website check out our Blue Sky services where a team of experts will help you every step of the way, from growth to success! From our tailored website design service to our easy website builder tool – we’ve got all your WordPress website needs covered!  


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