Starting an online clothing website does not require a brick-and-mortar store any longer. With an e-commerce platform, you can easily sell clothes online across the world and grab the chance to be next big brand in the fashion industry.  

Process of starting an online clothing website 

1. Register a Domain Name for Your Online Clothing Site 

As your first step, you need to decide a domain name, which is an address that will be used by users to access your clothing site. One of the easy ways to do this is using your brand name. Some of the online clothing sites include words “collection”, “clothing”, or “wear” along with their brand name while registering their domain.

Good domain name would have the following characteristics:  

  • Descriptive 
  • Concise and memorable  
  • Simple to pronounce and type  

Another aspect to consider is choosing the top-level domain, which is basically the extension that follows the name. .com is widely preferred for personal as well as commercial use. Moreover, users may instinctively type that while inserting a URL as it is one of the commonly used TLDs.  

After deciding the domain name and extension, prefer using a domain checker to search the availability of your domain. Once you are done, proceed to checkout and complete the purchase.  

2. Choose an E-commerce Platform  

Selecting an appropriate e-commerce website builder or platform will make it seamless for you to start an online clothing website and grow it in the long run. Herein, a small mistake may have major consequences on the functionality and profits of your e-commerce store. Therefore, ensure that you purchase an e-commerce website builder from a reliable hosting provider like Bluehost. Besides high-performing hosting, you would also get various tools and services and 24*7 customer support.   

There are a multitude of e-commerce platform options to choose from, and each has its own pros and cons. Continue reading to know about the two popular methods – Website builder and WooCommerce. 


WooCommerce, a plugin built on WordPress, is a popular content management system used for building websites with which you can easily transform a WordPress website into an online store.  

Using WooCommerce and WordPress requires purchasing hosting to get the online store up and running. Bluehost offers an agile WooCommerce hosting with lucrative services and tools, helping you make your e-commerce business a huge success. We’ve put together a few of the benefits of using WooCommerce:  

  • Easy setup: Upon activation, this plugin will walk you through the steps to set up an online store. Automatically, it will create the basic website pages.  
  • Customizable: Users can add the extensions for enabling the simple features like integrating shipping carriers or accepting payments.  
  • Scalable: As the web traffic grows, the users can upgrade the web hosting plans to improve performance.  
  • Budget-friendly: This core plugin is free. As such, you are able to limit the expenses to pay for the hosting only.  

WooCommerce hosting is a perfect solution for those who want a flexible and user-friendly solution for their online business.  

E-commerce Website Builder 

An e-commerce website builder is similar to a CMS (Content Management System), in which you can create all types of websites. If you choose this, you wouldn’t have to deal with back-end management as it will be taken care of by the hosting provider.  

As such, website builders have become a widely preferred solution for the users who are not looking for a very technical approach. You can choose Bluehost’s e-commerce website builder because of the following reasons:  

  • Drag n drop editing 
  • Quick-start smart templates 
  • Mobile ready templates 
  • Mobile editing 
  • Stock image library 
  • Custom CSS 
  • Unlimited Uploads 
  • 1-Click WP Access 

Irrespective of the e-commerce platform you pick, ensure it is seamless to work with and can be easily scaled once your online clothing website has grown. However, if you are a beginner and do not want to get into technical complexities while enjoying all the benefits and services, it is highly recommended to go for Bluehost’s e-commerce website builder.  

3. Pick a Theme and Customize the Store Design 

While selecting a theme, it is a good idea to consider the key elements that you would want to feature on your website. For example, if you want to make a video banner on your homepage, check whether your selected theme can support it.  

Alternatively, search for themes which offer multiple styling options and choices, such that you can customize your website’s appearance freely. WooCommerce or WordPress users can easily find themes in the respective WooCommerce or WordPress directories.  

4. Set up Your Online Store Pages 

After designing the website, let’s begin creating your online clothing site. There are multiple pages to pay close attention to while building an online clothing website: 

  • Homepage 
  • About us page 
  • Product gallery 
  • Sizing information 
  • Shipping information 
  • Return and exchange policy 
  • Cart page 
  • Legal pages 

5. Add Products to Your Online Clothing Website 

The next step in the process of building an online clothing store is to add and showcase your products. Most e-commerce platforms offer the choice to add the items in bulk for speeding up the process. That being said, it is good to go through every product one by one and ensure that they look excellent on display. While adding the products, we recommend that you focus on the following elements:  

  • Product images 
  • Product description 
  • Pricing 

6. Set up the Payment Methods 

Beginning an online clothing site requires having a robust and reliable payment system. It should securely process the transactions from the customers so that the data can be kept away from the unauthorized users. Bluehost uses Razorpay, which is a seamless and safe payment option.  

7. Test the Shopping Experience of the Store 

Before starting the business, make sure that your online clothing website functions smoothly, such that you and your customers wouldn’t have to face any hiccups in the future.  

Check for the errors that can potentially hinder your existing as well as potential customers from finding a product, completing the transaction, or proceeding to checkout. These could either be slow-loading images, broken links, malfunctioning gateway, or error pages. You can try using testing tools for analyzing the website and pinpointing bottlenecks that need to be eliminated. Once everything seems to be in place and functional, you are all-ready to launch your online clothing website. 

8. Promote Your Online Clothing Store 

Having figured out how to commence an online clothing site, you’ll be left with spreading the word about your business. You can use social media marketing, e-mail marketing, search advertising, blogging and other techniques to attract and engage customers.  


Now that you know the steps you need to undertake for building an online e-commerce store and the ways to expand the same, it’s time to kickstart your online clothing store and scale it to greater heights by implementing the steps we have mentioned above. You can even build a WordPress website by following a few simple steps and have an impressive website ready in no time.    


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