As a WordPress website owner, you must have seen notifications from theme authors and plugins in your site’s admin area. And if you have too many plugins, the admin notices can go out of control and sometimes even cover half of the screen. 

Notification overload is not a problem just with WordPress, it may also happen in smartphones and within applications and platforms like Facebook. That is why smartphone developers work hard to make managing notifications easy with swipe gestures or lock screen and Facebook has done something similar by providing a dropdown notification area where you can easily manage notifications for specific pages or people. 

And the good news is now you can efficiently and seamlessly manage notifications on your WordPress website too by simply adding a notification center to the admin toolbar. Continue reading to know the entire process. 

How to add a notification center in WordPress?

Below we have outlined the complete process to add a notification center in WordPress using the Admin Notices Manager plugin.  

  1. Install and activate the Admin Notices Manager plugin. 
  2. Upon activation, the plugin will begin capturing all new notifications. There’s no need to adjust any settings for it to start working. 
  3. Now, the admin notices will not be seen in the WordPress dashboard. Instead, they’ll be displayed in a central location on the WordPress toolbar in the top bar (next to your username).  
  4. To start with, there’ll be no new notifications to display. Instead, the plugin will display a message that tells you where your new notifications will be displayed. And once there are a few notifications, the number of new notices will be highlighted on your admin toolbar. 
  5. When you click through the ‘Admin notices’ link (on the top of the screen), a panel listing every admin notice will appear below it. 
  6. You can directly interact with a notification by clicking links or buttons from the notification center. 
  7. When you’re done reading through a notification, you can dismiss it by clicking on the ‘X’ icon (in the top right corner). Or if you think you may need or want to see that notification again, simply click on the ‘Hide notice forever’ link (at the bottom). 

Adjust Admin Notices Settings 

1. Simply navigate to the Settings > Admin Notices page.

From here, you can choose which types of admin notices you want to see in your new notification center. You can even select some to appear in the WordPress dashboard as usual or hide them completely.  

Here you’ll find settings for every type of standard admin notice: 

  • Green success notices – These are about the changes made to your website, like a changed setting 
  • Red error notices – These appear when something has gone wrong with your website 
  • Yellow warning notices – These let you know that something needs attention 
  • Blue information notices – These display simple information 

Towards the bottom of the page, you can even customize the way in which notifications are hidden and whether the notification center is displayed as a popup or slides in from the side.  

2. Once you are satisfied with the settings, ensure to click on the ‘Save Changes’ button to save all your settings. 

3. Now, your WordPress notification center is completely set up, and all your messages will start showing up in the top admin bar immediately. 

We hope this blog was helpful to you and now you’ll be able to easily add a notification center in the WordPress admin. 


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