It’s human nature to avoid spending more cash than is strictly required; no one enjoys doing so. Even Warren Buffet, who is considered to be one of the wealthiest individuals in the world, looks for deals on the automobiles he purchases (well, maybe that’s an extreme example, but you get the idea). Because people are always looking for methods to minimise expenses, some users of WordPress are tempted to use pirated versions of WordPress themes and plugins rather than paying for the official premium version. This is because people are always on the lookout for ways to save money. 

Even though it doesn’t technically violate any laws, utilising WordPress plugins and themes that have been illegally downloaded is still a terrible decision, and we’re going to explain why in this post. 

What Kinds of Plugins and Themes Are Considered to Be Nulled? 

When it comes to the meaning of the word “nulled,” many interpretations may be found all over the internet. According to our definition, nulled refers to premium WordPress plugins or themes that have been compromised or contain modified code that is designed to do harm or collect information. Nulled software is also known as pirated software. These can be purchased from a website run by a third party (rather than the original author or developer), and they are occasionally designed to function even in the absence of a licence key. It’s not always against the law to use cracked versions of WordPress plugins and themes. 

Let’s begin by addressing the most obvious problem 

If you use pirated WordPress plugins or themes, the FBI probably won’t come crashing through your front door to investigate. This is due to the fact that, in contrast to the other forms of media that people typically “pirate” (such as music and movies), downloading cracked versions of WordPress plugins and themes typically does not constitute a violation of the law. 

The General Public Licence (GPL) is to blame for this particular situation’s cause. You simply need to be aware of the fact that anyone can freely share software that is licenced under the GNU Public Licence (yes, even premium software that is licenced under the GNU Public Licence), which is one of the things that the GNU Public Licence (GPL) makes possible. 

Therefore, if a website that distributes nulled plugins makes available for download a piece of software that is licenced by the GNU General Public Licence (GPL), they are not legally infringing the law because they have the right to freely distribute that GPL code. Cracked versions of WordPress plugins are not recommended for usage for the following four reasons, even if the plugins you intend to use are not breaking any laws. 

Although it is not against the law to make use of pirated or cracked versions of WordPress plugins and themes, this does not mean that you should do so. 

Here are four further compelling arguments for why you shouldn’t utilise apps or themes for your website that have been cracked:  

  1. You have no idea what other provisions the code may contain 

When you download an extension from a location that is not the extension’s creator or a reputable repository such as, you do not know what else may be there in the extension’s source code. 

Cracked plugins or themes are frequently modified by gamers with malicious intent to include their own harmful payloads. These payloads might be added links to aid with SEO, but they might also be something even more malicious. 

When you use a nulled extension, you leave yourself susceptible to this kind of abuse since, unless you know how to study all the code and have the time to do so, you don’t know what else could possibly be in the nulled extension. This leaves you vulnerable to being taken advantage of in a malicious manner. Because of this, it is going to be much simpler for someone to take advantage of you. 

If you continue past that point, you run the risk of losing any assistance that your friend may have been ready to give you. 

Because there are actual GPL clubs that offer individuals access to clean items (sometimes for a price that is charged on a monthly basis), this is not a problem that everyone needs to cope with. But even if you join a GPL club that charges a membership fee and guarantees that the downloads it provides do not contain any malicious code, there are still a number of significant reasons why you shouldn’t make use of these extensions. And how exactly do you determine which Premier League side you may put your faith in? 

As a result of this, plugins that are downloaded from locations other than the WordPress website are frequently referred to as “nulled.” If you did not obtain it directly from the original author, it is much safer to believe that it has been altered, has code that could be hazardous, or perhaps has a virus. If you did not acquire it directly from the original author, it is much safer to think that it has been altered. To determine whether or not an application’s or theme’s files contain malware, you can utilise an internet scanner like VirusTotal. Checking the programme or theme in this way allows one to determine whether or not it contains any malicious malware. 

  1. In order to continue improving their wares, developers require financial support in order to do so

Even while the vast majority of WordPress writers enjoy what they do, they are also concerned about other things, such as ensuring that they have access to adequate nutrition and a safe place to sleep. To put it another way, WordPress developers have to make money in order to be able to justify the amount of effort they put into maintaining the quality of their products and making improvements to them. If you use a cracked extension, you are depriving the original developer of revenue that they could use into improving the quality of their plugin. 

When you take advantage of other people without offering anything in return, you are, in effect, shooting yourself in the foot. 

If everyone used a cracked version, would the team that develops the Elementor page builder be able to continue adding new features, such as the ability to generate themes? It is highly possible that the OceanWP theme would not have all of those wonderful goodies if there was not sufficient money pouring in. 

No! Of course not. 

If you are going to the trouble of tracking down a cracked version of a plugin or theme for your website, it is likely because you consider it to be an important component of your online presence. 

Consequently, even if you do not believe that it is worthwhile to pay the developer for all of the hard work that they have already put into constructing you that product, you should ask yourself why you are denying yourself the opportunity to acquire an even better product in the future. 

You should basically assist software developers in meeting their basic needs so that they can continue to produce amazing tools and applications that simplify your life. 

  1. The developer will not provide you with any assistance or support of any kind

You may be able to obtain all of the functionality of a premium plugin or theme by using a cracked version of the extension, but you will never be able to obtain all of the benefits that are available to paying customers. 

This is due to the fact that receiving support from the product’s developer is a significant portion of what you are paying for when purchasing GPL-licensed software. 

If you purchase a product, you will have the ability to contact the product’s developer directly in the event that you run into any problems while using the product. 

On the other hand, if you use an extension that has been nulled, you will receive no assistance. Hit a snag? I really hope Google can assist! Simply because you don’t have much of a choice in the matter. It is possible that you will be able to get a response from the WordPress repository staff if the plugin that you are utilising is available there in a free version. But if we’re being completely candid here, it’s a lot like playing the lottery. And the reason for this is quite simply because software engineers do not have the financial means to provide work for free. 

Do you truly “save money” in the long run if you put in three hours of work to tackle a problem that a developer could have resolved for you in five minutes? Probably not (especially if you place a high value on your time). 

  1. You Will Not Receive Any Updates Via Automatic Updates

You are going to need a licence key in order to turn on automatic updates for any premium plugins or themes that you have purchased. You are going to be required to manually update your extensions each time there is a new update if you do not have a valid licence key. 

This presents not one but two significant challenges: To begin, it is not only annoying but also time-consuming and a burden. You go from needing to do nothing more than click a button to being required to uninstall and re-upload a plugin each and every time. 

  1. You are unable to access any updates

The majority of WordPress themes and plugins publish updates on a regular basis to address problems, provide new functionality, and patch security loopholes. WordPress themes and plugins that have been illegally downloaded and distributed are unable to get updates because they lack a valid licence key. 

Because of this, your WordPress blog will use an outdated version that is likely to include bugs and to lack security. 

WordPress itself publishes new versions on a regular basis, and themes and plugins may occasionally need to be updated in order to remain compatible with the most recent modifications. Because a nulled theme or plugin cannot be updated, it is possible that your website could begin operating improperly or will become unreachable. 

  1. Support & Documentation

Even the most seasoned WordPress users will benefit from having access to help and documentation when it comes to making appropriate use of premium WordPress themes and plugins. 

The developers of these programmes devote a significant portion of their time to provide customer support and developing documentation for the end users of their software. They go so far as to recruit support professionals who are responsible for answering inquiries and consistently adding new tutorials. 

If you are utilising a cracked version of a WordPress theme or plugin, then you are solely responsible for its operation. You are unable to petition the developers for assistance whenever you find yourself in need of assistance. In addition, you will not have access to the manuals and tutorials that are offered, as those features are reserved exclusively for premium users. 



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