WooCommerce and Facebook are both giants in their own right – combine the powers of both and you have yourself a mega-giant!  

Facebook is probably one of the most popular and widely used social media platforms. People from all age groups and across the world are connected via Facebook. This means most of your potential customers are here too!   

If you haven’t already built your WooCommerce store to establish a strong digital presence, you’re losing out. Customers today depend on online platforms and search engines to find new businesses and build digital relationships. Additionally, there are many benefits of having an e-commerce store for small businesses as this gives you a chance to leverage the same attention as any other business!  

Now, read that again!  

Yes, a professional WooCommerce Store and an active Facebook account for your business, together, can help you tap into a wider customer base, boost sales, get more traffic and build a strong presence for your business in the digital world.  

Assuming you have already set up your WooCommerce store and Facebook account, let’s see how we can connect the two and benefit from it.  

To begin, here’s why you must connect your WooCommerce Store to Facebook: 

  • Increase traffic for your website 
  • Build stronger customer relationships 
  • Boost sales and revenue 
  • Builds social proof and allows customers to better engage with your brand  

How to Connect your WooCommerce Store to Facebook 

To get started, install and activate the Plugin – Facebook for WooCommerce. Once you have done that and activated it, go to Plugins > Installed Plugins and activate Enable Automatic Updates to make your WooCommerce store continues to work with Facebook 

If you login to your WordPress Admin Panel, you will now notice a new menu tab ‘Marketing’.  

Go to Marketing > Facebook and click on Get Started to connect your WooCommerce store with Facebook. Here you can select the account you want to link or login to a different account and ‘Continue as…’ 

Now you’ll get three options: 

  1. Facebook Ads 
  2. Facebook Shop 
  3. Instagram Shopping 

Here, you have to select all the features you want to connect. If this is your first time, we would recommend only selecting Facebook Shop for now. You can always add the ads and Instagram shopping features later directly from your Facebook business account. 


Now select the Business Manager account and click on Continue.  

The Business Manager profile allows you to manage your business account and all its assets. If you do not have a business account on Facebook, click on ‘Create New’ and follow the steps to get started.  

It’s now time to connect to your Facebook page. Choose the page you want to connect with your WooCommerce store and click ‘Continue’ 


Now you need to choose your existing WooCommerce store catalogue and select a Facebook Pixel. This will help you keep track of your inventory between the store and Facebook.  

If you haven’t created a Facebook Pixel yet, click on create new and name it. Once done, confirm your WooCommerce account to feature your WooCommerce products on Facebook  

If you face an error at this point, don’t panic! It’s pretty common.  

All the account data that you have added so far has been saved. Simply, continue integrating your WooCommerce store with your Facebook account through the Facebook dashboard.  

Go to your Facebook Account Dashboard > Business Apps > WooCommerce Integration  

You will now get the option to connect your Facebook page with your WooCommerce store, click ‘Continue’ to integrate the app with the store 


Enter your WooCommerce store URL and click ‘Connect’.  

Please note: If your website URL is different from your WooCommerce store URL, ensure you are entering your WooCommerce store URL 

Now, click ‘Approve’ to confirm linking your WooCommerce store and Facebook 


Select your desired Facebook Business account and ‘Continue’ 

Now choose the Facebook Business page you want to connect with your WooCommerce store 

Next, select the WooCommerce catalogue you want to link and ‘Continue’ 

Now connect the store to the Facebook Pixel to enable inventory tracking between the two 


At this point you need to choose how your customers will check out: 

  • Checkout on Facebook and Instagram 
  • Checkout on Website 

We would recommend choosing the ‘Checkout on Website’ option to be able to offer a better and more seamless checkout experience to your customers. On a website, you have the option to personalize and optimize the checkout experience far more than checking out via Facebook and Instagram 

You will once again need to confirm the WooCommerce account you are linking to and ‘Continue’ 

Voila! All you need to do now is review your connection settings and once you’re satisfied and have verified everything ‘Continue’ 

At this point, you may be asked to verify your domain name. If so, select the domain name that is linked to your WooCommerce store and ‘Continue’ 


Your WooCommerce store is now successfully linked to your Facebook account. It may take a few days for Facebook to manually review the store integration and your WooCommerce store to be live on your Facebook page. Once activated, your customers can easily browse through your products on Facebook and shop from you.  

You now have your WooCommerce powered website and Facebook page to drive more sales and help your customers shop with you.  

Hope this guide is helpful and enables you to make the most from linking the two giants – Facebook and WooCommerce stores.  

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