When you own, run and manage a website — there’s a lot you need to do! 

To make sure your customers or website visitors are always getting the best experience, being able to access your website as and when they need it and you can constantly make improvements — you need an army (of skilled people, tools, applications and a lot more!)

If your website is down, slow, lagging, not loading images/content, buggy or just not ‘behaving’ well your customers aren’t going to think, ‘Oh! There must be a traffic surge, I’ll come back later’ or ‘Ah! Maybe the hosting service is not up to the mark!’, or, ‘The team must be busy with something important, I can wait.’

Honestly, let’s face it — customers don’t know and don’t care about your ‘website issues’. Additionally, they have choices, they’ll just move to another website that’s up and running and ready to serve them. 

Wait, that’s not all! Your website isn’t the only thing that needs your attention. As a business owner, your attention is required on numerous tasks all day, every day, so even though a website might be extremely critical to the running of your business, it’s not all. 

So, here’s assuming you have understood the different types of hosting plans available and compared them. You have now decided to bring in the power of VPS Hosting to make sure your website runs unaffected, can easily handle traffic surges, is secure, stable and high in performance, you need to make another choice — Unmanaged or Managed VPS Hosting. 

Unmanaged or Managed VPS Hosting — What’s Best For You? 

While the name itself makes it easy to understand the difference between Unmanaged and Managed VPS Hosting, how do you know which one is better for you? 

Time, skill, manpower, technical expertise, money, needs… These are some critical factors that can help you decide which VPS Hosting, Managed or Unmanaged, is right for you. Let’s quickly understand the difference between the two, the requirements, and as a result, the factors that help you decide what you need. 

Unmanaged VPS Hosting

Unmanaged VPS Hosting is where you buy a VPS Hosting plan from your Hosting provider and then manage everything on your own. This includes managing the server and application setup, security and optimisation services, maintenance needs and backups, regular checks, etc. Basically, you buy only the hosting plan and from there on manage everything on your own. 

Is it right for you?

Unmanaged VPS Hosting is right for you if you have the technical skills and expertise to manage all necessary tasks on your own or you have an internal team who can do this for you. This is also right for you if you don’t have a lot of technical needs or you don’t have a very critical business website. Additionally, since you take the responsibility of managing everything on your own, Unmanaged VPS Hosting is much cheaper than Managed hosting and thus, if price is your deciding factor this is the best option for you. Also, consider the time required to schedule daily checks and monitoring of your resources and server before making the decision. 

In short, Unmanaged VPS Hosting is best for people with technical skills who want complete control over the server, customizations, and can scale as and when required. 

Managed VPS Hosting

Managed VPS Hosting, on the other hand, comes with a team of experts from your hosting provider who manage everything for you. When you buy Managed VPS Hosting you also buy the skills and expertise of people who will be dedicated to ensuring your server is always up and running. From daily maintenance and checks to advanced performance analysis and database management — you get it all and more.

Here’s a quick look at some of the most noteworthy services you can expect with Managed VPS Hosting:

  • Server and Application Setup: Including but not limited to Site Migration, DND and Email client setup, Server rebuild etc.
  • Security Services: Including but not limited to Security Audit, Server Hardening, Email Spam Review etc.
  • Optimisation Service: Including but not limited Advanced Performance Analysis, Database management, Apache and MySQL optimisation etc. 

In a nutshell, everything from server setup, migration, maintenance, migration, security and optimisation. 

Is it right for you?

If you have the money and don’t have the technical skills required to set up, run and manage a server this is definitely the right choice for you. The health of your server greatly affects the health of your website and thus having experts available 24X7 to ensure nothing goes wrong is an added boon. You can easily pay attention to more critical factors that affect your business and just let experts handle your server and hosting requirements. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced business owner; Managed VPS Hosting is an added benefit that allows you to grow your business website, without worrying about technical issues or aspects related to servers and hosting. 

Ready to pick Unmanaged or Managed VPS Hosting? Let’s Get, Set and Grab!

So what’s it going to be? Are you going to pick Unmanaged over Managed VPS Hosting? Or would you rather let experts manage your hosting and server needs while you focus on other important tasks critical to the running and growth of your business? 

If you are already at a phase where you need VPS Hosting, it means you are growing, your need for resources is increasing and security and performance are of priority to you. This difference between Managed and Unmanaged VPS Hosting could make all the difference! Evaluate, analyse, understand and prioritise — you’ll know which one’s right for you and your business. 

For more information, head to our Web Hosting Tutorials. If you have any questions/comments please feel free to drop them below. 


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