Web hosting is an infrastructure that helps put your website on the World Wide Web. Resources such as computers and servers are required to be able to host a website and not every person or institution will have the budget or skill to do so, that is why they go to a web hosting service provider which allocates space for your website on a server wherein all your content is stored and available online for people to visit.  

If anyone wishes to reach your website, they need to be connected to the internet. once connected to the internet, they need to type your website address (URL) or domain name in their web browser and the system will connect to your server and your website will be delivered to the user via the browser (i.e., they can see the website on their web browser).  

There are different hosting types, and they provide different server sizes, speed, reliability, and control. It is up to you to carefully decide which type serves you in the best possible manner vis-à-vis your requirements and budget.  

There are many types of hosting options available such as Shared hostingVPS hosting Dedicated server, etc. Today we will cover two of the popular hosting types to help you understand its features and pick the right one for you: VPS Hosting and Dedicated Server. 

VPS Hosting 

A VPS or Virtual Private Server hosting type uses a single server but divides it into multiple private servers using virtualization technology. The user is isolated from other users although there are other users on the same server, it is as good as a dedicated server for them. VPS is more stable and secure as it provides a virtual dedicated server to its users through its full-root access feature.  

Advantages of VPS Hosting 

  • Cost-effective and best for websites that have medium traffic 
  • Helps in restricting control and configuration options 
  • Comes with full root access and enhanced security  
  • Offers scalability and easy server customisation  

Dedicated Server 

A Dedicated Server gets you an entire server for your use only, it is not shared by other websites at all. You get complete control and access, and you can optimise it as per your needs and requirements. It is best for large institutions which have high traffic websites. With the entire server, you also get all the server’s resources such as CPU, Disk Space, etc. thereby enabling you to make any tweaks and changes suiting your objectives.  

Advantages of Dedicated Server 

  • Provides utmost security and performance for websites with heavy traffic 
  • Offers full control i.e., full-root access 
  • Higher flexibility and optimization  
  • Provides stability and easy scalability 

The Ultimate Choice – VPS vs Dedicated 

Having seen what VPS and Dedicated Server Hosting is, technically, the choice of web hosting narrows down to what you as a business website are looking for. Although cost is a factor to be considered, website traffic is one of the key deciding factors. If your website receives moderate-level traffic, then VPS Hosting is the best choice. Alternatively, if your website receives heavy traffic or is for a large-scale enterprise then a Dedicated Server is the ideal choice.  

We at Bluehost offer both VPS Hosting and Dedicated Server. You can choose either hosting option depending on your requirements. If you are still unsure you can get VPS Hosting and switch to Dedicated Server when your website traffic increases considerably. Moreover, our VPS Hosting also comes with a Managed VPS Services add-on wherein a team of experts would manage everything for you while you can concentrate on running and growing your business. 

So, have you made your choice? Happy hosting!  

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to drop them below. For more, visit our Web Hosting Category page. 






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