When you start setting up your gaming server, you come across two widely chosen web hosting options – VPS Hosting and Dedicated Hosting. Though both are great options, people mostly choose VPS Hosting over Dedicated Hosting because it does not require you to be technically proficient and involves a lower budget.  

What is VPS Hosting? 

In VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting, you get your own virtual space on a shared server, private operating system, unlimited bandwidth, full root access and tons of storage at a reasonably affordable price. In contrast, a dedicated server is entirely dedicated to an application, organization or individual, but is high-priced.  

When it comes to a gaming server, VPS Hosting’s full root access enables you to customize your game whenever you want to. Also, as your virtual compartment is completely private, you do not have to worry about intruders attacking your game. 

Requirements for setting up a game server on VPS 

The VPS Hosting you choose to set up your game server should have: 

  • Huge storage 

The hosting should be able to process as well as store a huge amount of data. 

  • High computing power  

High computing power is necessary to tackle requests of various players accessing the server at the same time 

  • Stable internet connection 

A stable internet connection is important as any kind of disruption in the connection (even if it is for a few seconds) can lead to the loss of crucial data (gaming progress, player’s score, etc.) 

  • Sufficient memory and quick processor 

It should be able to process the data and respond to the requests of players within nanoseconds.  

The things gamers can do with VPS Hosting 

We’ve curated a list of things you, as a gamer, can do with VPS Hosting: 

  • Host the gaming sessions of every game with your own rules 
  • Create games that do not experience the dropped connections 
  • Get access to the best hardware by paying only a fraction of the dedicated server’s price 
  • Acquire the game server’s root access to set it up and manage it in the way you want 
  • Host other players’ connections, avoiding lags in your game 

How to keep your gaming server secure? 

Though VPS servers come with a certain set of security measures, there are other precautions you need to take to protect your email account and the root server efficiently. 

Keeping the system updated, securing passwords, creating backups, and configuring the firewalls are a few small ways to protect your gaming server from malicious attacks. Additionally, your VPS server should be equipped with the measures like SiteLock. Bluehost’s web hosting plans’ SiteLock feature defends your website against malware and attacks by detecting as well as fixing threats and vulnerabilities before they cause problems. 


VPS servers prove to be a great option as they offer scalability and flexibility and, are independent in nature. They can easily accommodate the varying nature of the games and multiple players.  

You can even opt for SSD-based VPS servers, like that of Bluehost and avail of quick access time, higher write/read speeds, faster boot-up time, and quick storage of data. 

Hope this article was insightful for you.  


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