A VPS server is a virtual server that imitates a dedicated server. It comes with a certain amount of dedicated disk space, processing power, memory, and bandwidth. In reality, the server is divided between several other users. Each hosting account owner on a VPS server will only see their own virtual space or partition. 

They will have permission to reboot that space or use it as their dedicated server resource. VPS Hosting is a good solution for all who desire a dedicated server but lack the finances or the technical know-how to use it.

Here’s a closer look at VPS Hosting to help you understand if it can fulfil your website requirements.

What are the advantages of VPS Hosting?

The following advantages indicate how a VPS Hosting plan could benefit your website:

Control – VPS Hosting offers a high level of control, thanks to the full root access provided. Therefore, you get complete control over the management of how server resources are deployed.

Customisability – Users get root access with VPS Hosting, allowing them to install scripts and software to customise it for their needs.

Guaranteed Resources – With VPS Hosting, you don’t share server resources with VPS users on the same physical server. Therefore, you get guaranteed access to all the resources allocated to you.

Scalability – You can easily scale up with VPS Hosting. You can start with a minimal plan and then slowly purchase more resources or go for an upgrade as your business grows.

Security – VPS Hosting comes with enhanced security features when compared to Shared Hosting. This helps minimize security risks. 


Stability – As VPS Hosting offers a private server, fluctuations or surges related to other users sharing the physical server do not affect your website. This helps maintain the stability of your website.

What are the Disadvantages of VPS Hosting?

Although VPS hosting has numerous advantages, it has drawbacks too:

Technical administration troubles

VPS Hosting requires a certain level of effort and expertise to set up. Its software and services are configured manually, and beginners might find it daunting. They will have to pay close attention to the server’s management, which can be complicated for beginners. And if you have to seek assistance for technical administration and management, it could lead to more expenses.

Tip: You can always opt for managed VPS Hosting services for behind-the-scenes management of expert-level updates and installations.

Load on your online budget

If you are starting out or have allocated a limited budget towards hosting, VPS Hosting could seem expensive. To prevent overspending, you could begin with Shared Hosting, which is used by many beginners. You can opt for VPS Hosting once your website is attracting higher traffic and you are ready to invest more money.

Can be overwhelming

VPS Hosting comes with a lot of great features. However, if you opt for it without research and consideration, you will not fully enjoy the benefits. 

This is how VPS hosting can benefit you:

  • Buy the plan only if your website seeks to truly benefit from it
  • Buy the plan from a good hosting provider
  • Make the best use of the hosting plan’s resources

VPS Hosting is an attractive hosting option and has a lot to offer. It is a great intermediate between Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting. It is more flexible than Shared Hosting and provides more options and control. If you expect your website to grow in the long run, starting off with VPS Hosting can be a good option.


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