Web hosting comes in many options, all of which can help you host your site online. Each option caters to the different hosting needs a particular website might have. While each option will offer you storage space for your website, they will differ in factors such as server speeds, storage capacity, reliability, and control. 

To make sense of the hosting options available, let’s understand the different types of hosting.

  • Shared hosting

With shared hosting, you can store your website on the same server where multiple other websites are hosted. In shared hosting, all domains share the same server resources, such as CPU and RAM. 

Since the resources are shared, the cost of shared hosting is low, making them one of the most affordable types of hosting. If you don’t receive large amounts of web traffic, opt for shared hosting.

Ideal for: Entry-level website hosting. 

If you’re hosting a website for the first time, you will find shared hosting quite beneficial. Shared hosting usually comes with supportive tools such as WordPress hosting and website builders. 

You can opt for shared hosting with Bluehost. You will get to avail the following features:

    • Seamless compatibility
    • Easy-to-use customer dashboard
    • Domain validity for a year 
    • SSL certificate
    • SEO tools
  • Dedicated server hosting

If you are looking for a high level of control over the server hosting your website, opt for dedicated hosting. In this type of hosting, you get to rent the entire server and store only your website on it. Renting a dedicated server is akin to owning your personal on-site server, with the additional professional support of your web host.

It is one of the hosting types that will give you full root and admin access for controlling everything – from security to the operating system. To choose dedicated server hosting, you’ll need a high level of technical expertise to aid installation and the ongoing management of the server. 

Ideal for: Websites with high levels of traffic

  • Virtual private server (VPS) hosting

A VPS hosting server is the middle option between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. In VPS hosting, each website is hosted within its own space on the server, while still sharing the physical server with other users. 

Opt for VPS hosting if you want the benefits of dedicated hosting but do not have the technical knowledge needed to manage it. VPS hosting usually offers the cost benefits of shared hosting and the control benefits that come with dedicated hosting. 

Ideal for: For more having control over server resources than that offered by shared hosting.

  • Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting usually refers to distributed virtual private servers stored on an entire network of computers, instead of one single computer. This network of computers is called the “cloud.” With cloud hosting, you can easily scale the server’s resources as needed. 

Cloud hosting comes with built-in redundancy (duplications in the form of fail-safes or backups). You can therefore expect nearly zero downtime and data loss. Usually, large internet-based companies take the help of cloud hosting to power their operations. 

Ideal for: Website owners looking for types of hosting offering scalability and customised server configurations

For running your website, choose from any of the above types of web hosting, based on your needs. While deciding, consider the type of website you own, the resources required, your budget, and the expected traffic. To choose a reliable hosting option for your website, click here.

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