Whether you’re an individual, an organization, a small business, an e-commerce company, a service or anything else – getting online, and building your own website or blog has never been easier or more accessible!  

Well, thanks to Content Management Systems (CMS). 

All CMSs made it easy for people with little to no technical skills to build websites and blogs, set up a strong online presence and so much more that allows one to grow online. Most CMS don’t ask for coding expertise or the understanding of HTML and other tech aspects.  

WordPress CMS is one of the most widely used and popular CMS across the globe, for the many easy, secure, functions and scaling opportunities it brings along with it. Yes, there are other CMSs out there, but WordPress has carved a special niche for itself because of the many benefits and advantages it brings with it. We’ll discuss the most notable features of the WordPress CMS that make it better, and more popular, than other CMSs.  

Why do you need a CMS?  

None of us can deny or ignore the importance of building a strong digital presence in today’s world, and a powerful website is a crucial step in doing that. A WordPress CMS, like other systems, allows you to build your website with ease. What sets the WordPress CMS apart is the plethora of tools and applications that come along with it to add functionality, customization and much more.  

When you’re choosing the right CMS for your website, it must align with your website needs and the resources you need to grow your website. If you already have a team of tech experts who are adept with coding and know how to build website functionality from scratch – you can choose any software/platform to build your website.  

However, if you’re a small business, have a limited budget and resources, using a platform like WordPress CMS makes more sense. It’s easy to use, intuitive and has a large community of developers that continue to make it better and offer support.  

For example, if you want to bring in the WordPress CMS to power your website, you could use the Bluehost Website Builder tool. It’s an easy, intuitive platform that allows you to make powerful WordPress websites. It’s a smart design editor that allows pros and newbies alike, to build websites that are completely customizable and functional. It comes with AI-powered templates, allows you to build mobile responsive websites, add desired plugins, optimize your website, and take your website live with the right WordPress Hosting plan. You need zero coding or tech skills to build your WordPress website that serves your business needs and goals.  

Why Choose WordPress CMS for your website? 

What started as a blogging platform, today, WordPress has the right integrations, plugins, tools and features that make it easy for users to build websites. From large to small organizations, personal to business websites – WordPress powers 35% of the web 

The most notable features that make WordPress CMS so widely popular are: 


Using WordPress to build your website is as easy as using Microsoft Word! Beginners, newbies and people with no technical skills can easily build interactive, professional and fully functional websites. It has a drag and drop editor that makes it easy to customize and integrate needed features.  


The WordPress CMS comes with thousands of themes, plugins and more, with many being free, making it possible for you to fully customize your websites. Whether it’s a one-page personal website or a dynamic e-commerce website, with WordPress you have the option to integrate the right tools and plugins to make a website that fits your needs.  

Customizable Templates 

Just like your business is unique, your website must look unique too. WordPress comes with many customizable themes that allow you to make your website look and function according to your requirements.  

SEO Friendly 

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is important to increase visibility, boost traffic and rank higher on search engines. With WordPress, you can do a lot to boost SEO and increase rankings for your WordPress website 


Beginner or pro; everyone needs support from time to time to ensure the smooth and uninterrupted running of a website. From troubleshooting to scaling, glitches and knowledge-based resources – WordPress has a huge community of developers that offer support and help to WordPress website owners. Additionally, your WordPress Hosting provider should be able to help you with hosting related issues.  

Power Your Website with WordPress CMS 

The popularity of WordPress has grown immensely over the years as more and more small business owners, individuals and non-developers are getting online and building a digital identity. It’s powerful, it’s easy, it’s customizable and makes it easy for anyone to get online.  

If you have been wondering how the WordPress CMS will help you grow, head to our WordPress Tutorials page to know more about this dynamic platform.  

Want to learn more about how to build & grow your WordPress website? Here’s a complete guide:

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