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The Blueprint is designed to help beginners get started with WordPress. Yet it also serves as an invaluable resource once a website has been launched. Continue to reference The Blueprint as much as you need while your website continues to grow and adapt to the ever-changing ecosystem of the internet.


Bluehost makes it easy to start with WordPress.

In this book, you will learn how to:


Learn the basics of how to install and activate plugins, plus which ones are best for getting started.


Learn how to choose a theme and manage menus, branded colors, custom branding, and logos to your website.


Learn the difference between pages and posts and walk through the steps needed to publish your first ones.


WordPress = Limitless Possibilities

WordPress is a feature-rich website building platform. It's a powerful tool for building visually-stunning websites with an extensive collection of themes and plugins that empower the user's creativity. Yet for some, WordPress can seem daunting to learn and master. This is where The Blueprint can help.

Get the beginner's guide to WordPress and start building your site.