Social media channels have a strong impact on the promotion and branding of your business. This is why your social media marketing strategy should not only include the things you post on social media channels but also how you present the same on your website.  

Over the last two decades, social media has grown enormously, and so has your chance to promote your business on them. If you haven’t integrated social platforms into your WordPress website yet, you are probably missing out on lucrative opportunities for your business.  

Today, millions of brands like Coca-Cola are active on various social media channels and digital platforms and are thriving. In 2018, they launched a campaign #RefreshTheFeed in which all their social media channels went momentarily dark before being replaced with a new image. The campaign also coincided with World Kindness Day – an event that builds the ground and sets the tone for Coca-Cola’s core themes of inclusivity and positivity. Along with the massive positive feedback, the campaign got above 69 million impressions in one day, and 1.4 million engagements. Isn’t that a huge number? This is just one example of how brands are leveraging social media to their advantage. Similarly, for your business, you can devise innovative social media marketing strategies and integrate social media plugins into your WordPress for managing social media and growing your business.  

Fortunately, WordPress has multiple plugins to take care of social media handles of your website. In this article, we will take you through some of the WordPress social media plugins that would take care of your website’s social media buttons, encourage social shares, and help you in strategizing your social media activities. Before that, let’s understand what are social media and social share buttons and the difference between them. 

What are social media and share buttons? 

You may not be able to differentiate between social share buttons and social media buttons just by looking at them. However, they are quite different in terms of their functionality and placement on the website. 

Social media button – A social media button takes your website visitors to the particular social media channel of your business or blog. For example, a social media button for Instagram will take your visitors to your Instagram handle homepage. (ADD IMAGE) 

Social share button – A social share button helps your visitors share your content on any particular social media channel. For example, the Facebook social share button will take your visitors to their Facebook homepage and help them share the content right away. (ADD IMAGE) 

Benefits of social share and media buttons 

There are immense benefits of having social share and media buttons, such as – 

  • Social media buttons expand your business’s brand exposure 
  • Like newsletters, social media buttons act as a gateway to getting the returning visitors once they start following your brand 
  • They are gateways to a newer audience, which you wouldn’t have reached with other marketing strategies 
  • Social share buttons help your visitors in sharing your content with their network and driving new traffic to the website 

In the next section, let’s take a look at the social share and media plugins that you can integrate into your WordPress for effective social media management. 

Best WordPress social media and social share plugins for effective social media management 

If you search through the WordPress plugin directory, you will find numerous social share and social media plugins, and all of them are equally useful. They are different in terms of the social media buttons/icons and social sharing buttons they offer on your WordPress website. A few of them come with better placements, customization facilities, and more.  

Keeping in mind the required options for you in WordPress social media and social share plugins, we have curated a list of the best ones.  

  • Social Media Feather PluginSocial Media Feather plugin allows you to easily add social share and media buttons to your website. 
  • MashShare PluginMashShare is a highly customizable plugin for social media sharing as well as optimizing your valuable content. It even gives you share counts.  
  • Social Media Widget Plugin –  Social Media Widget is an easy-to-use plugin that helps you add the social media buttons to your WordPress site widgets.  

With the right WordPress plugins, it would be seamless for you to manage social media for your website and provide an integrated experience to your audience.  


Social media is a great way to promote your brand these days. In fact, sometimes, it is hard to find relevant audiences and understand their behaviour, likes and dislikes without being connected through social media channels. Therefore, it is important to tactfully manage social media for your WordPress website.  

Placing your social media buttons in the right place and social share buttons on your website’s pages and posts can help you increase engagement and grow as a brand. Nonetheless, be mindful of managing your social media posts skillfully to leverage the maximum benefit of social media channels.  

Hope this article was helpful for you. 


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